Light Beyond Road’s End

Light Beyond 4 ~ Afterword ~

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Okay, now we’ve really reached the end of this long 2 year project. Thank you to everyone who supported this series or dropped by to read it. I’m going to take a long break after this and maybe play some otome games LOL but honestly this is still one of my favorite books and I’m glad I got to share it with everyone. Once again, please consider supporting the artist if you enjoyed this book and I only shared about 1/4 of the illustrations in total so!!

At any rate, please enjoy the author’s comments down below.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Character Page ~

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Character page! Once again, a warning not to look at these unless you want your mental image of the characters to be destroyed, haha.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Fifteen ~

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“Mm, when they’re lined up like this they look wonderful!”

“Truly. The smell of herbs is somewhat soothing, isn’t it.”

In a corner of the infirmary in the royal palace, Mislee and Nasha clapped their hands happily.

Before their eyes was a fine, newly built medicine shelf. The shelf, which was at the height of the waist of a lady, was crowded with various small and large bottles that were lined up. Inside those bottles were many different kinds of medicinal herbs. There were various uses such as ones to be brewed or grounded and then coated on.

“Until now, we could only deal with small external injuries in this infirmary, but with this the kinds of patients we accept will also increase.”

Mislee placed both hands on her waist and gave a satisfied sigh.

“This place won’t be called a place for soldiers to slack off anymore.”

“Of course. This place is better than the main infirmary too!”

“Ahaha, it’s not like we’re competing with them though. But I really am happy. Thank you very much— Yuna.”

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Fourteen ~

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“Lady Celiastina!”


A voice that seemed to pierce the ears echoed in the room.

Yuna heard that for certain.


“What in the world happened?”

“Oh my goodness, she’s collapsed.”

“Lady Celiastina, please hold on.”


Several shouts rained down in a bundle.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Thirteen ~

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The door to the Hall of Blessings opened.

A tranquil air filled the room inside.


On the bed that was set up in front of the altar there were overflowing flower petals and a single girl.

The goddesses drawn on the ceiling watched over the girl while dancing elegantly.


Celiastina was already concentrating.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Twelve ~

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I wonder if the flower will bloom soon, Celiastina said.

Yeah! I hope it blooms soon. A little girl smiled and replied with that.

A harmless conversation exchanged around a small bud in the backyard of the orphanage. Even now Celiastina could remember it distinctly; the clear smile of the young girl at that time too.

Everything may have started from that moment.

Celiastina’s extraordinarily steep journey began from a meagre but warm and sweet “memory of happiness”. It may have been because the days following after that were so painful that those memories alone shone so vividly in the back of her eyelids.

Everything came quite far from such a place, Celiastina thought absently. And then, even though everything came from such a long distance, right now she was about to return to the “beginning” once again–.

Fate was such a strange thing.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Eleven ~

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It was late at night on the eighth day since he rushed out of the royal palace.

At last Asyut returned.


The front of the main gates was bright like daytime due to the large torch lights.

Asyut stopped his horse before the gates. Beside him– the carriage carrying the sleeping Yuna, who was dead to the world, came to a stop in the same way. From the window of the carriage the only thing that slightly peeked out from the girl whose body was wrapped in a linen blanket was her defenseless slumbering face. Those steady sounding breaths let him know that she was certainly alive. Peering at her face like that, Asyut gave a relieved sigh. No matter how many times he confirmed this, his anxieties still wouldn’t disappear. She was right beside him but would she stop breathing before he knew it?– That was his anxiety.

Come to think of it, when Asyut just met “Yuna”, they returned to the royal palace with her on a horse like this. That was the beginning of everything. It was at that time that she just transferred to Celiastina’s body. He was certain that she was at a loss inwardly, not knowing anything.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Ten ~

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A little break in the weather could be seen.

Linus suddenly stopped in the hallway and gazed surreptitiously at the one streak of light visible from the sky, covered by thick clouds, outside the window.

Truthfully, there was no time to be staring leisurely out the window, because he had to attend an important meeting from here. However, Linus’ heart was oddly calm and it was that reason that made him unable to feel like heading to the meeting room in a hurry.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Nine ~

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You and those priests of the royal palace…!

Because of you, that girl, Yuna is–!!


Hariet’s despair-filled cries echoed repeatedly in the depths of Asyut’s ears.


Yuna was in danger.

The instant that thought came Asyut broke into a run from that spot like a shot. Slipping through everyone who was taken aback, he wasn’t even able to care about Hariet, Rendo, and Madela, and left the bar at full speed.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Eight ~

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“That’s enough!”

A sharp voice leapt abruptly into his ears.

Aeneas’ shoulders jerked and he came back to himself half in a daze.

When he realized it, he was standing stock-still in that spot with a sword gripped in his right hand.

The muscles in his limbs were horribly stiff and an unpleasant feeling of wasted effort dominated his entire body. At the end of his line of sight, which finally focused, the colleague that he had just been crossing blades with was looking up at him in fear on his bottom. Before long he raised a hand to show his intent to surrender.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Seven ~

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(WARNING: This chapter ends on a PAINFUL cliffhanger and it doesn’t get resolved until Chapter Nine so for those who hate cliffhangers please don’t read this chapter until Chapter Nine comes out. Trust me, it’s a really really REALLY bad one. When I read this book for the first time I actually skipped Chapter Eight entirely to read Chapter Nine LOL.)

The next morning Asyut once again proceeded to the medicine store that Yuna’s parents ran.

He may be disliked for appearing right on the heels of yesterday; however, even then he did not care, and Asyut was half-defiant. The interaction at the church with Hariet and last night’s small drinking party pushed Asyut’s back. Hope had not been exhausted yet. A miracle was surely within reach.


He went up a long slope.

Having come to this town, only a few days had passed, and yet he was able to find many familiar faces amongst passers-by who came and went past him. There was the old man who sat under the same building yesterday, the children running around in the back alley, and the housewives chatting beside the well… Indeed, like this “acquaintances” would increase in a flash. And like the young men, who he drank together with yesterday, said, it made sense how any rumors were spread immediately.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Six ~

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Exactly as he heard, it was a small town.

Although, with that being said, it wasn’t a terribly disused and lonely town. Dull amber buildings stood side by side and there were stone pavings connecting the buildings with beautiful patterns. The residents walking on top of that generally had a good appearance and weren’t much different from the people of the royal capital.

A thick smoke rose to the sky from the chimney of one building and the fragrant smell of baking bread crossed the noses of people who walked past it. Among all the buildings that were short in height, a conspicuously tall tower in the distance could be glimpsed. That was surely the church of the town.

Asyut got off his horse and began to walk through the town while looking around at his surroundings.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Five ~

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Asyut gently released a sigh that echoed quietly in the depths of his ears.

The crisp night air clung around his body as Asyut walked quickly on the pathway.

Dim lights that dotted the corridor created vague outlines of black shadows over and over again that saw him off as he passed them. Besides that, there was no one who knew that he passed by this place.

Every time he came to a corner Asyut looked around carefully. He quickly slipped his body into passages with few guards, so as to not catch any attention as much as possible. Repeating this many times, Asyut eventually arrived at the corridor that led to the courtyard.

A moon that was close to being full floated in the sky. Because of that brightness, the surrounding stars flickered with reservation. Asyut, who was illuminated by the moonlight, narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked up at the night sky. Right now, his body was clothed in simple travel garments.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Four ~

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Asyut, who left the Priest Tower, parted with Yodel and headed to Linus with those legs.

There was no doubt that he would more or less know about Yuna’s current condition.

It was that astute man, Linus, and so once he knew that there was another person’s soul dwelling in Celiastina he must have immediately investigated their true identity. Asyut didn’t know how much information Linus had grabbed, but he didn’t think that Linus knew nothing at all.

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Light Beyond 4 ~ Chapter Three ~

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Several days later, a message was delivered to Asyut from Yodel.

At that time, Asyut was glancing through the reports which had collected in his office. Even after Celiastina disappeared from inside the royal palace, his everyday routine continued– yes, on the surface.

Yodel’s letter was brought to him by a messenger and, upon receiving it, Asyut broke the seal on the spot. In it was a concise message written in soft brush strokes about her consent to being present at the interview. Asyut gave a deep sigh of relief and sat down on a nearby sofa. His gaze dropped to the stationery in his hands once more before he closed his eyes tightly.

(So the interview is today.)

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