Light Beyond Road’s End

Light Beyond ~ Chapter Two ~

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There was a murmuring, pleasant sensation.

It was a little cold, but its gentle and soft caresses against Yuna’s body put her at ease.

“… nngh…”

Yuna slowly opened her heavy eyes and raised her head a little.

Her eyes were still out of focus but faintly, in her vision, she could see a rock face? Come to think of it, she could also feel a rough and rugged sensation against her body.

Where was she right now? What was she doing?

Little by little, her awareness came to her and Yuna slowly raised her upper body– her body was very heavy. But even still, she somehow twisted her body and looked around the area. It seemed that she was at the edge of a river.

Most of her body was submerged in water and only her upper body was leaning against the moss-covered stones of the riverside. She must have lost consciousness like this. Because she had been in the water for some time, her hands and feet were chilled.

There was a thick forest in this area and, in between the gaps of the tall trees, a black night sky spread. And, as if shying away from the painted black sky, the stars twinkled here and there; the moon could not be seen.

Yuna gathered up her white one-piece dress, heavy with water, and crawled out from the river.

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter One ~

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Yuna’s ordinary life was stolen in an instant.

On that day, Yuna was walking on the main paved road, just as she had many days before. She was making her way to the herb market, looking fondly at all the shops lining the street. Shopkeepers acquainted with her greeted her warmly as she passed by, which she returned with a wave of her hand. And just as she rounded the corner, with her slow measured steps.

Something happened to her body.

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Light Beyond ~ Prologue ~

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The road upon which humans walk has always been short-lived.

No matter the amount of splendor amassed by the rich.
No matter the depth of envy incited by the beautiful.
No matter the degree of faith collected by a servant of God.

As long as they were human, death visited them all the same.

Thus, what befell one girl that day, was nothing removed from the norm.
She simply found herself at her inevitable destination, no more, no less.
But the masses would lament. For a girl so young, death was too sudden and cruel.

“But you won’t stop moving forward, will you. As long as the flickering light beyond the road’s end is within sight.”