Miss Appraiser and Gallery Demon

Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Chapter Two ~

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Chapter Two: The Sunflower’s Voice

Feeling a vibration, Riz slowly awoke from sleep.

It seemed like she fell asleep while staring at the painting of the fish in her closet.

However, why was the floor rattling and swaying?

It wasn’t just vibrations but also movement— it felt like she was riding a carriage.

The instant she imagined that her consciousness cleared abruptly.

Riz hurriedly lifted her head and looked around her surroundings.

Cramped. It was not a flat place. And was she on a higher level? Was this a seat?

“Eh… why?”

It wasn’t her imagination and she really was in a carriage.

Her body stiffened when she was aware of this.

Why was she riding a carriage?

After a short sense of disorder, the worst scenario came to mind.

Had she been kidnapped by someone?

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Chapter One ~

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Chapter One: The Black Iron Star

Time passed— it was her seventeenth birthday.

And Riz was facing an unexpected situation.


It all started a week before her birthday.

She was urged by her mother, Virma, with “Here are five paintings. Now, choose the painting you love from these!” and, when she did just that, for some reason her fiancé was decided upon.

Nothing made sense.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Prologue ~

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Prologue: The Silver Daughter

A pale dawn. The painting of a traveler, with the color of daybreak trapped in his eyes, was Riz Milton’s treasure.

He was a foreigner who visited from far and distant lands.

At that time, Riz couldn’t pronounce his name properly. It was a difficult language.

During the time she called him the “Dawn-Eyed Traveler” she forgot his real name.

However, she only remembered that it had a beautiful sound, like a stringed instrument.

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