Pampered by the Escape BOSS

Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 32 ~

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Chapter 32 ~ Fourth Game Pt.3 ~

Brother Zhang and the male player, who were both holding the pen, could feel the arrival of the spirit earlier than the others.

Their hands moved without command, as if being controlled by the pen, and they drew a crooked circle on the paper.

The spirit came.

The other three female players squeezed together, pushing against each other. They stared at the paper and didn’t dare to make a sound.

The flashlight also stopped playing tricks at this time.

The light source was on the paper.

Brother Zhang and the male player exchanged glances.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 31 ~

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Chapter 31 ~ Fourth Game Pt.2 ~

As a player who relied on deception to clear games, Brother Zhang was especially impressed with people who didn’t act like him.

He had tricked over a hundred people and only met his Waterloo three times.

Little Gu was the most beautiful player among those three Waterloo.

Brother Zhang would never forget her.

It was precisely because her impression was so deep and her temperament so prominent that, just by looking at the photo, Brother Zhang intuitively knew this person was one hundred percent Little Gu herself!

This intuition was trained out of countless junctures of life and death!

Brother Zhang was stunned.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 30 ~

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Chapter 30 ~ Fourth Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian didn’t say anything, but that line of black letters stubbornly floated in the air.

She hesitated for a moment. Last time the God heard she liked Little Ze, it let her off.

How about she still answered that she liked Little Ze this time?

As a matter of fact, in this game, Gu Yian discovered that Lu Zize’s name contained the word “Ze” and he was also a main character in the game. She felt that it was extremely likely he was an incarnation of God.

But Lu Zize himself didn’t say he was God.

The God’s Eye System seemed like it was that disgusting God’s incarnation.

Now that she had gotten away from the game, she had no way of knowing the real truth.

Gu Yian said, “I like Little Ze.”

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 29 ~

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Chapter 29 ~ Third Game Pt.11 ~


The next message from God’s Eye arrived.

“I only filtered out what I wished to say to you.”

That’s no different from what you sent.

Gu Yian realized that the stranger, Liu Han, had sent many messages but, on her side, she only received the ones after God’s Eye made its selection.

God’s Eye was an artificial life, how could it understand human aesthetics?

There was only one possibility. God had divided a part of their consciousness again and came down.

God always had such disgusting hobbies.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 28 ~

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Chapter 28 ~ Third Game Pt.10 Infatuation ~

Gu Yian stared at this scene.

She calmly said, “Since you’re awake, why pretend like you’re not? Take a good look at what’s in front of you.”

The male player swinging the dagger suddenly stiffened, and the dagger froze in midair.

He was like a slow robot, turning his head bit by bit to look at the people standing outside.

The light of the parking lot came down from above, making Gu Yian seem less angry. Her temperament was already clear and cool and, in this moment, she looked as if she was a cold adjudicator, judging the sins of the world.

The male player turned his head stiffly and saw the woman in the passenger seat. A drop of blood dripped from the knife in his hands.

“I… killed someone?”

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 27 ~

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Chapter 27 ~ Third Game Pt.9 ~

Gu Yian had just smiled, unable to hold it back at Tang Jiu’s shameless behavior, but the next second she saw Tang Jiu and the large sign crash to the ground.

The tableau in front of her froze just like this.

Gu Yian was stunned for a second and then she immediately rushed over.

The customers in the candy store began to scream.

The cashier at the register couldn’t stand still and ran out from the counter.

Many people hurried over to check on the movement of the person lying in the doorway.

The sign was lifted by someone and placed to one side.

Gu Yian saw the fresh scarlet blood flowing on the ground with the bright lights in the candy store.

Tang Jiu’s eyes were closed, lifeless.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 26 ~

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Chapter 26 ~ Third Game Pt.8 ~

Gu Yian’s eyes were locked on the two words “drunk driving” in the text message.

She instantly remembered that, when Brother Yong had just been leaving, Lu Zize told Brother Yong that the wine he bought for him was in the passenger seat.

He expected Brother Yong to drink and drive.

Everything was within his expectations.

The other players had just breathed a sigh of relief because Gu Yian mentioned a breakthrough with Brother Yong but who knew that, in the blink of an eye, this breakthrough would be gone.

“Did he do it?” One female player asked this sentence.

Now, in the Investigation Bureau, apart from the players there was only Lu Zize, the sole senior investigator.

If it wasn’t Lu Zize, who else could it have been?

Everything was within Lu Zize’s calculations.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 25 ~

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Chapter 25 ~ Third Game Pt.7 ~

Death warrant?

Tang Jiu frowned and then understood.

Some players had a vague understanding, while others were still at a complete loss.

Gu Yian turned the card in her hand and clarified things for those who didn’t understand.

“If we can’t find the real method of clearing the game then we will all die in various accidents, understand?”

If Gu Yian had said it more ruthlessly, then those who couldn’t solve the game had to die.

The male player, who had spoken, replied, “This point is understandable. Isn’t it just a sword hanging over our heads, forcing us to clear the game as soon as possible? But those accidents aren’t completely unrelated to clearing the game. If they weren’t related, then what was the hint God gave us for?”

His last sentence got the agreement of most people.

They still believed God’s hint.

Gu Yian did not refute this point.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 24 ~

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Chapter 24 ~ Third Game Pt.6 ~

Gu Yian looked towards the sound.

Following this, there was the sound of the window opening.

A shoe, dripping with blood, suddenly appeared below the curtain.

Then a man’s excited voice came, “I’ve come to save you!”

The curtain shook and the silhouette of a man emerged.

Before Gu Yian reacted—

—Tang Jiu sprung up and delivered a fierce side kick.


A figure flew out of the curtain and crashed onto the ground of the room, dragging a long line of blood. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

The two male players were greatly startled by Tang Jiu’s kick.

They looked at Tang Jiu’s relaxed appearance in this moment and couldn’t help but feel fear towards her.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 23 ~

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Chapter 23 ~ Third Game Pt.5 ~

While everyone was checking the news, the people in the kitchen also stepped into the dining room in succession, and everyone fell into silence.

Brother Yong broke this silence.

He said, enunciating every syllable distinctly, “She blocked the cameras!”

“She’s an investigator and she blocked the cameras. Did she forget what she did?!”

Brother Yong’s words seemed as if he hated how she didn’t live up to expectations.

Lu Zize’s gentle voice then rose, “Brother Yong, the incident has already occurred and it’s useless to say more. God’s Eye has given assignments. Are we going to go after eating or go right now?”

“You’re still going to eat? Fuck eating. We’re going.”

Brother Yong stood up with thunderous violence and windy swiftness and walked out the dining room.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 22 ~

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Chapter 22 ~ Third Game Pt.4 ~

The lethality from a gentle person saying this phrase was shocking.

Gu Yian instinctively wanted to take a half step back, but she resisted.

In this moment, she became even more vigilant towards Lu Zize from the bottom of her heart.

Lu Zize handed the phone back to Gu Yian and said, “Leave this matter for me to handle. Don’t be scared, he won’t live past tonight.”

His matter-of-fact words made her feel a chill. He decided on a person’s life at will.

She didn’t show this on her face though and only asked, as if it were a normal question, “Senior, it seems like his punishment doesn’t fit his crime?”

Lu Zize seemed to see Gu Yian’s scruples.

He nudged his glasses and the air around him returned to its earlier gentleness, no longer having that force.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 21 ~

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Chapter 21 ~ Third Game Pt.3 ~

Where did this godly nutcase come from?

Did he think he was God?

That person was still watching her.

Gu Yian raised her head and looked out the window.

There was no one on the balcony of the residential building in the distance, and most of its windows were closed.

Could there be someone in the residential building watching her through their window?

Gu Yian quickly closed the window and pulled the curtains shut without hesitation.


Gu Yian looked at her phone.

The screen displayed a newly received text message.

“You are the embodiment of my love and desire.”

Gu Yian looked at these words with indifference.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 20 ~

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Chapter 20 ~ Third Game Pt.2 ~

The players present heard Gu Yian’s words, went quiet, and then kept silent.

As a matter of fact, at the start, there were veteran players who thought about imitating Gu Yian’s actions to also fiddle with their phone but their attention was immediately drawn away by the new players telling them their new player hint.

The new player hint concerned whether or not they could clear the game in the future, and so they naturally cared more about long-term matters.

After Gu Yian said this, those with quick reactions began to try unlocking their phones to check the email.

Unlocking the phone wasn’t hard, they just needed to put it at a certain distance, find the set angle, and let the front camera at the top of the phone capture the player’s face clearly, and then the phone would unlock successfully.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 19 ~

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Chapter 19 ~ Third Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian wanted to say she didn’t like either of them.

But if she really did say this then, according to God’s pettiness, she would definitely be remembered.

Gu Yian didn’t speak and those words stubbornly hung in the air, unwilling to disappear.

In order to leave this pure white space earlier, Gu Yian hesitantly said, “I like… Little Ze?”

That was the boy she met in the first game; he was quite cute and also seemed to be an incarnation of God.

Left and right, they were all God and it shouldn’t matter if she didn’t say the demon or God.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 18 ~

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Chapter 18 ~ Second Game Pt.9 ~

Gu Yian landed on the grass.

That ice-cold breath had already receded.

Now, the closest person to Gu Yian was the Merchant who came down first.

The Merchant stood less than one meter away from Gu Yian and he looked into the darkness in a direction and said, “You guessed right. After we grabbed the correct summoning ritual, she took the initiative to come out.”

At this stage, the ghosts would make a preemptive move.

Two muffled noises sounded behind Gu Yian with the Witch and Student landing on the lawn, one after another.

The Witch ordered, “You two protect the Sage well.”

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