Sengoku Night Blood

SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 0 ~

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Chapter 0: Fate

When she woke up, she found herself in a world she had never seen before called Shinga.

In a world that was exactly like the Sengoku period of Japan, she met an amiable smiling person who gave his name as “Oda Nobunaga”…?

[YUZUKI]: (………… ngh……? …… When did I faint……)

[???]: “Oryaaa!”

[???]: “Hyngh!”

[YUZUKI]: “!?”

When I woke up, a sight I had never seen before spread out in front of me.

[YUZUKI]: “What… is this place……? What’s going on……”

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SNB Oda ~ Chapter 0 ~

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Chapter 0: The Great Demon King of the Sixth Heaven

When she woke up, she found herself in a world she had never seen before called Shinga.

The person who appeared in front of her suddenly asked “Are you Himemiko?”.

Who is that person…?

[YUZUKI]: (………… ngh……? …… When did I faint……)

[YUZUKI]: (Where is… this place……?)

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Sengoku Night Blood ~ Introduction Guide ~

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Sengoku Night Blood (SNB or Senbura for short) is a mobile otome game collaboration between Otomate, Kadokawa, and Marvelous. It features an impressive main cast of 33 seiyuu and 7 different artists (+ occasional guest artists and seiyuu) who have done illustrations for many Otomate games. More details about this can be found in my Sengoku Night Blood page.

From 2.0.0 (and their 1st anniversary) onward, SNB has attached a subtitle to their name. It is now Sengoku Night Blood Koumei. The koumei is made up of two kanji literally meaning “light” and “alliance/oath”. Where will the “light” the heroine possesses lead these men? And this “oath” binds the men to their various motives and thoughts.

Official site is

This post is going to double as both an introduction to the game and a guide (with any tips & tricks I picked up on). Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below, ask any questions, or even just talk about the game.

STORY: In a parallel universe on a world called Shinga, during the Sengoku period, a war-torn country was united by a mysterious woman called Himemiko. Her blood had the ability to strengthen the gekkazoku, a race that consists of two species – vampires and werewolves – who share this world with humans.

But one day Himemiko disappeared and the peace was broken. Shinga became split into various territories, each ruled by a warlord, who put their lives on the line to fight and unite the country under their name, ideals, and beliefs.

However, before Himemiko’s disappearance, she foretold the appearance of a woman from a parallel universe, “you”, and told her follower, Imari, to seek you out. Meanwhile, you hear the mysterious voice of a woman and awaken to find yourself in Shinga.

It turns out your blood has the same effects as Himemiko’s and you become indispensable to the warlords in their vision to unite the country. A story about love and war begins!

29 MAY 2019: Updated UI screens.
05 SEPT 2018:
Updated event section again and added banner explanation in options.
31 MAY 2018:
Updated event section and added details to exchange shop.
29 MAY 2018:
Added the bond system, exchange shop, and updated UIs where necessary.
23 NOV 2017:
Updated potion interaction scene variations.
17 AUG 2017:
Added more info on awakening cards (thanks Wintermelon), events, and working on potion variations.
04 AUG 2017: Added an events section.

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