Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Touji-hen: 5 Days ~

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R18 language warning.

“Hello? It’s me. I’ll be going to your house in around five days. Ah, today, you asked a friend for advice because ‘calls are coming from a stranger’, right? There hasn’t been anyone suspicious since I’ve been watching you, but if anything is making you feel uneasy then don’t hesitate to tell me. As your husband, I swear to protect you from anything. So, the security cameras I installed outside your house aren’t a problem at all.

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Touji-hen: 6 Days ~

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“Hello? It’s me. I’ll be going to your house in around six days. Hehe, it’s useless to try and tease me by acting as if you don’t know me like yesterday… Look, my name is showing on the call screen, right? Ahaha, I’m happy that you’re overjoyed enough to scream. But I can’t say that I’m impressed with you leaving your phone, which is packed with personal information, on a cafe table when you go to make your order. If the one who found it wasn’t me, your husband, then you might have met with something horrible, you know? Because I’m worried about you, I put a lot of things into your phone for security.

Huh, the police? Why is it necessary for you to go to them?… Ah! Could you be talking about that man who looked at you with lecherous eyes some time ago!? You don’t have to worry about that, I made sure to punish him firmly. He is now thoroughly repenting and has gone overseas into monkhood. Hehe, it feels good to do an act of good, doesn’t it? Aah, to even give a pervert like that an opportunity to reform, you really are an angel! I want to lick those wings, pluck them, and I look forward to making you my angel alone six days later… I love you. Until tomorrow then.”


Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Touji-hen: 7 Days ~

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“Hello? It’s me. I’ll be going to your house in around seven days. Huh? I called the wrong number? Not at all. This is undoubtedly my cute wife’s phone number. You’re no fun, acting like you don’t know me. Ah, are you sulking because I’ve made you wait? Hehe, cute. Hm? You really don’t know me? No, no, there’s no way you don’t know me, because I’ve been watching over you from three years ago, so you must have felt my fervor on your skin. Moreover, you’ve looked at many magazines that have ran articles on me, no? Aah, sometimes when our eyes meet through the binoculars, I’ve uncharacteristically felt my heart skip a beat too. In truth, in that moment, I felt like our hearts connected and I wasn’t able to hide that. Haha, how embarrassing. Even now, look, just from hearing your voice… Haa, hah, I feel like I can release… Hey, can you hear this sound? Aah, what do I do, I’m already so— Huh? She hung up? Hmm… Oh well, I won’t come today. I’ll be sure to save up 7 days worth of love and semen ♪.”


(PS. I’m like two days late, so my countdown is behind LOL.)