Pio Fiore no Banshou

Pio Fiore no Banshou ~ Prologue ~

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IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I TOUCHED AN OTOME GAME!! Anyway, I couldn’t resist picking up something shiny and new even though other tried-and-true good games are gathering dust in my backlog void (aka. Clock Zero, Haitaka, CollarxMalice, etc.) so oops. But this game got good reviews and I keep seeing amazing art so !! plus I’m in the mood for mafia and underworld stuff after Arlen’s Rouge et Noir CD. Yes, I’m still haunted by that to this day.

I’m playing this completely blind, so no spoilers please! I also don’t know much about this except there’s three families in this city and the heroine seems to have some sort of “key” and ends up being crucial to everyone (when is the heroine not though, right?). So, without further delay, let’s begin!

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