Kenka Banchou Otome

Kenka Banchou Otome ~ Introduction ~

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I wrote an introductory post about this game on Otome Jikan but the gist of this game is that the heroine has to cross-dress to attend an all-boy’s school full of delinquents and she ends up having to beat ’em up (and perhaps fall in love). Who can resist a premise like that? :D

(I couldn’t resist – which seems to be a common theme with me – when this game arrived, so I decided to give in and just get an introductory post out before returning back to Hime-hen. I just wanted to tease you all about my next project).

EDIT: I didn’t realize the common route was actually longer than I thought so I added in the new parts. Sorry ’bout that! I’m also going to write everything with Hinako’s real gender but, uh, keep in mind all the guys think Hinako is a male. BTW, you can open the images to a new tab to view them in bigger resolution!

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