I honestly had no idea what I was getting into when I started this series, but now I can’t stop LOL. So, here is a master list of all my translations and everything in this universe for everyone’s ease of reference. I can’t guarantee that I’ll translate everything, but I’ll see what I can do. First, I’ll shamelessly plug in my two diary entries (Twitter Moments) of this series: Part 1 and Part 2.

Official website for Dusk. Their series are listed in order starting from the bottom and moving up, right to left.

If there’s no note after the entry, then that means the entire volume has been translated, rewards included.

  1. Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi ~
  2. Kankinkon ~ Zetsubou no Hibi ~
  3. Seitokai ~ Ryakudatsu no Hibi ~
  4. Taiiku Kyoushi
  5. Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi ~
  6. Kankinkon ~ Amayaka no Hibi ~ (DL rewards not complete)
  7. Taiikusai (DL rewards not complete)
  8. Kankinkon ~ His First Time with You ~
  9. Kankinkon ~ Touji’s Wake-up Voice ~
  10. Kankinkon ~ Cool-B Vol. 79 Tokutens ~
  11. Hokenshitsu no Gyaku Kyouikuteki Shidou ~ Sensei wa Ore no Mono ~ (DL rewards not complete)
  12. Oukatan
  13. Kankinkonbon
  14. Kankinkon ~ 15000 Anniversary Drama CD ~
  15. Rinkai Gakkou ~ Miwaku no Hibi ~
  16. Houkago no Linaria
  17. Kankinkon ~ 1st Anniversary CD ~
  18. Kankinkon ~ Official Visual Fanbook ~
  19. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio: Halloween ~
  20. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio: 20000 DL Commemoration ~
  21. Taiiku Kyoushi ~ 5000 DL Anniversary CD ~
  22. Rinkan Gakkou ~ Aiyoku no Hibi ~
  23. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio: Valentine Special ~
  24. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio: White Day Special ~
  25. Kankinkon ~ Thirty Thousand Anniversary ~
  26. Kankinkon ~ 2nd Anniversary ~
  27. Taiiku Kyoushi ~ 2nd Anniversary ~
  28. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio 6 ~
  29. Kankinkon ~ Garnished with Love ~
  30. Kankinkon ~ Higeki ~
  31. Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Touji-hen ~
  32. Kankinkon ~ Dusk Radio 7 ~
  33. Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen ~
  34. Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Makoto-hen ~


  1. Touji’s Birthday 2019
  2. Gratte Collaboration
  3. New Year’s Greeting

9 thoughts on “Kankinkon

    What A Wild Ride said:
    July 1, 2021 at 14:18

    Hi Illinox, hope you are doing fine! This is What A Wild Ride again, a.k.a. the person who commented on Arlen’s Birthday Story last December gushing about both the man and your translations/notes – my love for both very much holds true to this day. <3
    I've been visiting regularly, and even more so now that I've decided to drag myself kicking and screaming through learning some Japanese and actually make it stick (kidding, I'm awfully slow but generally having a lot of fun with it). Your posts are a nice reprieve from grammar and memorization, and you being so passionate about the contents you are working with and the language itself is a huge motivation to try and learn a little bit more every day.
    I have also learned that our tastes in fictional men might be somewhat closer than I thought they were outside of R&N (Garrus AND the Darkling in your biases, I feel seen), and that our "interesting story/dynamic" criteria are absolutely one and the same. So… even if it seems way, way out of my comfort zone, your enthusiasm about Kankinkon alone makes me want to dcautiously dip my toes into the series.
    I've been curious about the games specifically, so I was wondering if you'd finished them or played them yet, and if you know whether the routes needed the player to be up on drama CD knowledge before they play, or if they are simply an adaptation or an AU type deal. Sorry if you've mentioned that in a post already (maybe the countdown ones?) I've been skimming in an attempt to avoid spoilers for now, and I'm still unsure what comes when, timeline-wise. Also (SPOILERISH QUESTION BELOW)

    This might be a dumb question, but I saw that Touji's VNDB tags include 'Father'. From something you said, I assume he is the father to another character and not a father figure to MC? I'd like to confim, as incest is the one drama CD staple I personally can't deal with. For that matter, is in A Thing in the series as a whole?

    This is turning into a novel, I'm sorry. But Kankinkon aside, I also wanted to thank you for all the neat series you put on my radar, because I would have never even heard of some if not for you being vocal about them. I'm considering buying some Baroque CDs for *obvious* reasons, and I'm also way more enthusiastic about the 囚われのパルマ games than I should, considering it'll likely take me literal years before I can even play one. :D Getting to discover a new story you get swept into, or reading an interaction that makes you think or feel, regardless of context or genre, is always a special kind of feeling, and I'm very grateful that you're out there sharing these with us. ^^

      What a Wild, Tired Ride said:
      July 1, 2021 at 16:15

      (Aaaaand I wrote Illinox instead of Ilinox. I’m really deeply sorry and should stop leaving comments in the wee hours of the morning >->)

        Ilinox responded:
        July 2, 2021 at 15:56

        Hello hello again and, ooh, congratulations in taking steps to learn another language! No matter how far you decide to go, it’s always worth celebrating learning something new. If you’re self-learning, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be nice to yourself and not to pressure yourself too hard. Everyone learns at their own pace so just keep at it and, next thing you know, you’ll be drowing in a backlog of games and CDs to play like me, haha.

        Oh gosh, please accept my virtual high-five for your excellent taste in men then LOL (Garrus and Darkling being on such wild opposite ends). I haven’t gone through the games myself (oof time where) but I heard a friend give their review and you don’t need any drama CD knowledge. It’s basically a re-telling of the drama CD, except with some extra scenes and different endings (most noticeably, Touji getting a happy ending instead of the open one he has in the drama CDs).

        Kankinkon spans multiple generations so Touji and his heroine have a child, Hikaru, who is the protagonist of his own story! There are 3 Kankinkon games in total and the second one deals with the younger generation at the school. Hmm, there is some incest involved in the work but it’s mostly about Touji’s background. Uh, he’s the product… of an incestual relationship, if that counts enough to bother you.

        Aw, I absolutely adore long comments so you don’t need to apologize for that and just knowing someone out there is getting some use out of my old posts and getting interested in the games I played before makes me really happy. I cannot recommend the Toraware series enough, even though I know its premise might sound weird and put people off at first (like it did me) but the relationship build up, themes, and just everything about the story with the 3 different men is so good.

        Hahaha, no worries, I’m used to people misreading the I and L in my name and it’s not a big deal.

        What A Wild Ride said:
        July 4, 2021 at 07:57

        For some reason I can’t seem to reply directly to your replies, so I’m putting this here. With that said, thanks a lot for your answer! I’ve been burned before by going into things blind, so if/when my terrible curiosity wins out it’d be a relief to know what to brace myself for, haha.
        All jokes aside, this was exactly the kind of info I needed and I appreciate you going into so much detail. :) Nothing quite like a good wall of text, indeed!

        And yeah, Toraware’s gimmick made me think twice, but when I read in your posts (skipping plot spoilers, again, hopefully I can get back to them and enjoy them fully afterwards!) that you had such a great time with them *and* that it had a mystery angle *and* the way you talked about the LIs, not to mention their profiles and the initial premises? As I said, I’m very grateful to you selling me on it so completely! Very much looking forward to the truth-uncovering, relationship-building, and the rest… one day!
        Plus parasocial relationships have been really talked about lately given current circumstances, and why I’ve always been a bit iffy of these dynamics for involving real people, real strangers, media trying to emulate the experience and blur the line between character and person both weirds me out and draws me in at the same time, if that makes sense? I really enjoyed MysMes, all the while feeling that the proximity with the LIs was almost *too much*, but all in all it was a really unique experience that left a big impact. So I’m weirdly looking forward to that aspect as well, and the myriad of questions that’ll no doubt come with it! (and not having to put an alarm at 3 A.M. to hear Jumin talk about his cat, who’s precious, but still.)

        And awww, thanks for the high five and compliments! I’d say YOU have great taste, hehe. Feel free to gush anytime you want! And thank you for being so encouraging about language learning, this actually made me pretty emotional to read. As someone who’s very ‘all or nothing’ in their approach, your advice is definitely something to keep in mind, as well. I’ll work as consistently as possible towards that awe-inspiring backlog dream! <3

        Ilinox responded:
        July 5, 2021 at 17:54

        Oh, don’t worry, comments are locked at 3 levels just so they don’t get squished into oblivion if we keep replying to each other.

        That’s an interesting perspective! I can’t say I’ve felt too much like the lines between fictional and reality were blurred for me, even when I was playing an otome mobile game for like 2 years and so developed a strong bond with the characters. But I can totally see how MysMes was emulating that to a stronger degree because of the real life timers. Toraware doesn’t have such a thing, so it might feel more “game-like” (whether that’s a good or bad thing).

        I can sympathize as being a fellow “all or nothing” person and so, maybe this will help you, but one perspective I had while I was learning another language is that I never had a specific goal of like “this is when I KNOW a language” because I feel like language is something you constantly work at, including your native language. I took philosophy courses in uni and I learned the hard way that I didn’t understand English at all when I was trying to read essays LOL not to mention just trying to understand people on the internet in general and questioning whether it’s my reading comprehension at fault or their writing ability.

        So, having that sort of mentality “I can’t even claim I understand English 100%”, let me constantly throw myself at Japanese mediums. Even now, I constantly look up words in the dictionary for all the languages I know (one day I will spell sandwich without having to double-check it LOL).

    cryandbleed said:
    June 13, 2021 at 17:08

    I fucking love Touji. No shame. Haters gonna hate.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2021 at 08:53

      LOL. Luckily, I haven’t seen any hate towards him, but that’s probably because people who know they don’t like yanderes or this theme give it a wide berth since Dusk tags their stuff very clearly.

    Abby Choreography said:
    April 7, 2021 at 12:55

    Just wanna thankyou so much for your hardwork, really appreciate it !~

      Ilinox responded:
      April 9, 2021 at 20:56

      You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I hope you’re enjoying this series :D!

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