Rouge et Noir

Rouge et Noir

It looks like Rouge et Noir and Kankinkon are two big series I keep translating for, so I decided to make a separate master list to make things easier for people to navigate.

First Season

  1. Under the Gun
  2. Check in the Dark
  3. (Arlen VR)
  4. Double Down
  5. (Jacks or Better)
  6. Eye in the Sky
  7. Pure Bluff

Second Season

  1. Second Barrel
  2. Implied Odds
  3. Maximum Bet
  4. (No More Bet)
  5. All In
  6. Show Down
  7. (Makabe VR)


ODF stands for Official Data File, which is an artbook with more material about the men. I’ve ordered these extras in the order they should be read. ODF1 was released after the first season, so any information revealed in the second season is not in here.

Ryo Makabe

2020 Happy Birthday Ryo & Gilles

Rei Kurusu

Kiss Kiss Kiss !!

2019 Birthday Tweet

Arlen Clive

Phantom Pain (ODF1)

Prologue (ODF1)

Dolce Vita (ODF1)

Character Profile (ODF1)

Fan Q&A (ODF1)

Kiss Kiss Kiss !!

2019 Happy Birthday Arlen

2020 Happy Birthday Arlen

Eiji Suou

Senna Kashiwagi

Gilles Lagrene

Fan Q&A (ODF1)

Ordinary Days Apr.12 Gilles

Ordinary Days Apr.18 Gilles

Kiss Kiss Kiss !!

2020 Happy Birthday Ryo & Gilles

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