JP/CN Novel TLs

Hello hello! This is a master list of the novels that I’ve translated which are under this page in a drop down, if you hover over this tab. I’ll be listing them here along with a short description of what they are to make things easier for people to browse the contents instead of having to go into every single, individual page.

The Light Beyond the Road’s End

Tags: Romance, Female Lead, Fantasy, Transmigration

A story about a simple village girl, Yuna, losing her life and then being asked by a mysterious presence to live in the body of the saint of the country who committed suicide. The saint’s soul is currently recuperating and so Yuna has to live in the saint’s body for a year before she can give up the body and die for real. However, during her time as the saint, she encounters the mystery of why everyone in the royal palace fears the saint and why the saint’s fiancé treats her coldly.

Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon

Tags: Romance, Female Lead, Fantasy, Supernatural

A story about a girl called Riz Milton who possesses “Holy Eyes” which can see demons hiding in paintings. She meets a demon called John Smith who needs those eyes for his own purposes and they end up in a contract where he serves her as if he’s her devoted butler.

Deep Clouds Home in the Sea

Tags: Romance, Female Lead, Modern, Voice Fetish

A lighthearted and sweet story with a sincere male lead, who has an amazing voice and sings ancient Chinese-style songs, and an airheaded heroine, who idolizes his pseudonym but doesn’t notice him in real life. The clever wolf, set on eating the clueless sheep, cautiously approaches.

Pampered by the Escape BOSS

Tags: Romance, Female Lead, Horror, Comedy, Endless Worlds

A world-jumping survival game that starts off grim but becomes cute when the heroine begins to be pampered by the God, and male lead, of these games. The heroine solves the games with her logic and clues given to her by the biased male lead, but each game contains interesting themes.

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