Deep Clouds Home in the Sea

It took me forever to decide on picking this up, because I couldn’t think of a good way to translate the title. But then I was struck by an epiphany LOL and now I’m here to deliver the fruits of my intensive research.

So, I believe the title of this book is referring to a poem by the famous poet, Li Bai, called “Parting at the Jing Men Ferry”. I’ve provided a translation below by Derek Lee, in his book called “Selected Tang Dynasty Poems of Li Bai”.










Parting at the Jing Men Ferry

Crossing far beyond Jing Men

the traveller from the state of Chu

seeks the mountains beyond the flat plains.

Entering the current of the great, untamed river,

where the lower moon flies in the mirror of heaven,

the clouds arising from their home in the sea

might still pity the waters of their origin

as the boat that goes forth ten thousand miles.

The title, which I mentioned below, is almost word for word the one in the poem about “the clouds arising from their home in the sea” except for the fact that the 生 (sheng; life, born) is replaced with a homonym 深 (shen; deep). So, you can see how I jiggled the title a little.

I also want to go into a little more detail about the imagery of this line because 海楼 (hailou) doesn’t really just mean sea. It literally means “sea floor” but this is an idiom for a mirage. The imagery that Li Bai was trying to go for in his poem is how the clouds are low and reflected on the surface of the ocean, creating an image of cloud towers on the sea. It’s almost like the illusion of where the sky meets the sea and you can’t see a difference. (If you look up the phrase 云生结海楼 you’ll be able to get some images that show this better).

Deep Clouds Home in the Sea

Title: 云深结海楼 / Deep Clouds Home in the Sea
Author: 晚乔 / Wan Qiao

A cute airheaded junior female schoolmate, but she’s actually been in the 2D community for a long time as an experienced voice addict.

An aloof black belly visual designer senior male schoolmate, but he’s unexpectedly a great god online, possessing a clear and cool handsome voice.

The senior helped out the silly junior many times in the real world, incidentally using his heaven-breaking handsome voice to unfairly flirt with her.

In the 2D world, he repeatedly struck Xia Yang’s weak point, broadcasting interactions and singing live exclusively for the welfare of voice addicts.

Song Ci never thought he was a very possessive person but, after seeing her small unconscious expressions, he suddenly wanted to bring her home, guard her well for a lifetime, and not let anyone else see her.

But if he were to confess all of a sudden, she definitely wouldn’t accept; not only that, but she would start to avoid him.

He didn’t want to scare her. In that case, he could only slowly – ever so slowly – plan.

  1. Chapter One: Proverbs really aren’t tricks
  2. Chapter Two: Then I’ll just sing this one for you
  3. Chapter Three: It’s not too late now
  4. Chapter Four: Why are you suddenly so serious?
  5. Chapter Five: Head pats, not bad
  6. Chapter Six: There’s one small user called “Sea”
  7. Chapter Seven: She’s only a girl, still just a child
  8. Chapter Eight: One’s own understanding of love
  9. Chapter Nine: Meeting the great god, Eleven!?
  10. Chapter Ten: You don’t know how to date? I’ll teach you then
  11. Chapter Eleven: Whatever his clueless sheep does is right
  12. Extras 1: When the clueless sheep becomes a cat
  13. Extras 2: Ten serious questions about compatibility

2 thoughts on “Deep Clouds Home in the Sea

    MafuRoll said:
    April 17, 2021 at 12:15

    Oo this looks adorable! I can’t wait to see you translate this

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2021 at 08:29

      Thank you for the support, although I’m afraid I can’t guarantee when it’ll ever start, haha, especially with my current projects. This page has been up for a while but I just never got the motivation to start translating it for real, oops.

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