Pampered by the Escape BOSS

Title: 被逃生boss宠爱[无限流] / Pampered by the Escape BOSS [Endless Worlds]
Author: 桃花糕 / Taohua Gao

Other people’s escape games:
“Help! Help!”

Gu Yian’s escape games:
The BOSS pets her head: “Be good, let’s watch the show together.”
Gu Yian: “???”
The BOSS smiles lightly: “Listen, their screams bring people such joy.”

In front of them, several players were either screaming or blindly running.

Gu Yian: “……” So, am I winning without doing anything?

#My escape games seem to be wrong somewhere#
#Every stage’s BOSS pampers only me#
#I might be playing a romance game?#


First Game
1. First Game Pt.1
2. First Game Pt.2
3. First Game Pt.3
4. First Game Pt.4
5. First Game Pt.5
6. First Game Pt.6
7. First Game Pt.7
8. First Game Pt.8
9. First Game Pt.9

Second Game
10. Second Game Pt.1
11. Second Game Pt.2
12. Second Game Pt.3
13. Second Game Pt.4
14. Second Game Pt.5
15. Second Game Pt.6
16. Second Game Pt.7
17. Second Game Pt.8
18. Second Game Pt.9

Third Game
19. Third Game Pt.1
20. Third Game Pt.2
21. Third Game Pt.3
22. Third Game Pt.4
23. Third Game Pt.5
24. Third Game Pt.6
25. Third Game Pt.7
26. Third Game Pt.8
27. Third Game Pt.9
28. Third Game Pt.10 Infatuation
29. Third Game Pt.11

Fourth Game
30. Fourth Game Pt.1
31. Fourth Game Pt.2
32. Fourth Game Pt.3
33. Fourth Game Pt.4
34. Fourth Game Pt.5
35. Fourth Game Pt.6
36. Fourth Game Pt.7
37. Fourth Game Pt.8
38. Fourth Game Pt.9

Fifth Game
39. Fifth Game Pt.1
40. Fifth Game Pt.2
41. Fifth Game Pt.3
42. Fifth Game Pt.4
43. Fifth Game Pt.5
44. Fifth Game Pt.6
45. Fifth Game Pt.7
46. Fifth Game Pt.8
47. Fifth Game Pt.9

Sixth Game
48. Sixth Game Pt.1
49. Sixth Game Pt.2
50. Sixth Game Pt.3
51. Sixth Game Pt.4
52. Sixth Game Pt.5
53. Sixth Game Pt.6
54. Sixth Game Pt.7
55. Sixth Game Pt.8

56. Stumbled Into the Wrong Game

Seventh Game
57. Seventh Game Pt.1
58. Seventh Game Pt.2
59. Seventh Game Pt.3
60. Seventh Game Pt.4
61. Seventh Game Pt.5
62. Seventh Game Pt.6
63. Seventh Game Pt.7
64. Seventh Game Pt.8
65. Seventh Game Pt.9
66. Seventh Game Pt.10
67. Seventh Game Pt.11
68. Seventh Game Pt.12

69. Player Follow Up and Daily Life

Eighth Game
70. Eighth Game Pt.1
71. Eighth Game Pt.2
72. Eighth Game Pt.3
73. Eighth Game Pt.4
74. Eighth Game Pt.5
75. Eighth Game Pt.6
76. Eighth Game Pt.7
77. Eighth Game Pt.8
78. Eighth Game Pt.9
79. Eighth Game Pt.10
80. Eighth Game Pt.11
81. Eighth Game Pt.12
82. Eighth Game Pt.13
83. Eighth Game Pt.14
84. Eighth Game Pt.15

85. First Day of Becoming a God

86. First Day of Being Good

87. Not Being Good Anymore

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