Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon

Title: 令嬢鑑定士と画廊の悪魔 / Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon
Author: 糸森環 / Tamaki Itomori
Illustrator: 宵マチ / Yoi Machi

Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon

“Let’s make a contract. You’ll be owned by me.”

“I shall serve you as if I loved you, my lady.”

A count’s daughter and a lover of paintings, Riz, is told “Give yourself to me” by John, the temporary art gallery manager employed by her uncle. However, those words weren’t of love or romance, but because he wanted the “Holy Eyes” that could see the demons lurking in paintings which Riz had. Pressed into a contract by John, who was actually a demon, the response Riz gave was— that she was going to own a demon!?

This is a love fantasy concerning the painting of an unconventional young lady and a caustic demon!

  1. Prologue: The Silver Daughter
  2. Chapter One: The Black Iron Star
  3. Chapter Two: The Sunflower’s Voice
  4. Chapter Three: The Forest of Colors
  5. Chapter Four: A Faithful Purple
  6. Chapter Five: The Sound of a Look
  7. Epilogue: The Fish of Dawn
  8. Afterword
  9. Character Page

BOOK 2 ~ Those Who Paint an Eternal Love ~


  1. Prologue: The Seat of Fraud
  2. Chapter One: The Greedy Hallway
  3. Chapter Two: The Midnight Clandestine Meeting
  4. Chapter Three: The Phony Angel
  5. Chapter Four: The Displeased Demon
  6. Chapter Five: The Hollow Saint
  7. Epilogue: Hopeful Days
  8. Afterword
  9. Character Page

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