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My Darling ~ Ore-sama Joushi: Sakazagi Yuzuru ~

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Sakazagi Yuzuru (坂崎 弓弦)
CV: 佐和真中

My Darling ~ Arrogant Boss: Sakazagi Yuzuru ~

The company you worked at was bought by an American company, and a new boss came from their headquarters.

He was your childhood friend, two years older and your first love, Yuzuru.

Yuzuru’s mouth was as terrible as usual and he enjoyed your reactions when he teased you, but he supported you at work and in your personal life and he looked after you.

One day, you visited Yuzuru’s house to nurse him when he unusually came down with a fever. The following day, in an unexpected turn of events, you crossed a line with the recovered Yuzuru—

Thank you to Shinta for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this at JP DLsite too!

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 1 Day ~

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Hikaru: Finally, tomorrow you will become my bride only. Hehe, how long have I waited for this day? I want you to feel the strength of my feelings with your body. I won’t let you escape. Look, checkmate.

Akira: Everyone. good evening again. This is the voice actor for Saijou Hikaru, Miraku Akira. Let’s see, the school volume… if I have to say its main attraction, it’d have to be… gummies! Yes, gummy candy, everyone! Gummies! Please enjoy the gummies. Now then, everyone, there’s just one more day left. Look forward to it!

Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 24 ~

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Chapter 24 ~ Third Game Pt.6 ~

Gu Yian looked towards the sound.

Following this, there was the sound of the window opening.

A shoe, dripping with blood, suddenly appeared below the curtain.

Then a man’s excited voice came, “I’ve come to save you!”

The curtain shook and the silhouette of a man emerged.

Before Gu Yian reacted—

—Tang Jiu sprung up and delivered a fierce side kick.


A figure flew out of the curtain and crashed onto the ground of the room, dragging a long line of blood. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

The two male players were greatly startled by Tang Jiu’s kick.

They looked at Tang Jiu’s relaxed appearance in this moment and couldn’t help but feel fear towards her.

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 2 Days ~

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Kazuma: There’s two days until you’ll be my lover. I can’t wait and I almost want to be the one to run over to you. Haha, once I hold you, I’ll never let you go so be prepared. *kisses*

Kanade: Right, that being said, there’s two days until release! This is the voice actor for Kuse Kazuma, Mie Kanade. Um, so I think there must be many people who are also listening to these countdowns and, uh, somehow Hikaru sounds so dangerous, right? Haha! Choose me, OK? Choose Kazuma, OK? We’ll be waiting! See you later!

Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 3 Days ~

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Hikaru: Hehe, there are 3 days left until you become my bride. What sort of expression of despair you’ll have, what kind of voice you’ll cry with… I’m looking forward to that.

Akira: Right, hello, everyone! Um, I’m the voice actor for Saijou Hikaru, Miraku Akira. There’s only 3 days left. 3 days! Sleep and eat, sleep and eat, sleep and eat and eat and sleep and eat and sleep, and if you repeat that three times, OK, three days will have passed. Everyone, please look forward to it!

Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 4 Days ~

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Kazuma: Four more days until I can meet you. When I think about Hikaru, I’m a bit uneasy but if I’m with you then I think I can overcome anything!

Kanade: OK, that being the case, we’re finally four days until release! No, seriously, I can’t believe time has passed since Days of Seduction and I’ve been able to go all the way up to a game release. My heart’s racing and, if people check this out, I’m looking forward to how they felt. Anyway, I’m excited for the release!

Katsuai Gunjin ~ Kibishii Joukan ni Shigokarete ~

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Kaminaga Rihito (神永 理人)
CV: 久喜大

Thirsting Soldier ~ Worked Hard by your Strict Superior Officer ~

After completing your mission, you were summoned by Rihito, your superior officer and your lover.

When you arrived in the office, Rihito was angry and you were given a warning about trying to use a honey trap during your mission.

You told him you couldn’t agree with that and Rihito took out the rope that hung at his waist…

Thank you to Nicole for the commission! R18 warning and bondage. I cannot stress how much I love the art for this series, because what they do to the apple is their kink and it’s clever LOL. You can grab this on JP DLsite (there doesn’t seem to be an ENG one but, at any rate, the two sites are merging so I’ll only link the JP side hereafter).

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 5 Days ~

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Hikaru: There are 5 days left until I come for you. You can enjoy yourself with Kazuma until then… so that you can endure the following pain—

Akira: —kind of feeling. Wow… Together with Kazuma, your heart pounds. Together with Hikaru, you get a shock. It’s that sort of feeling, huh. At any rate, everyone, please wait just a while longer for the release of Confining Marriage.

Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 23 ~

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Chapter 23 ~ Third Game Pt.5 ~

While everyone was checking the news, the people in the kitchen also stepped into the dining room in succession, and everyone fell into silence.

Brother Yong broke this silence.

He said, enunciating every syllable distinctly, “She blocked the cameras!”

“She’s an investigator and she blocked the cameras. Did she forget what she did?!”

Brother Yong’s words seemed as if he hated how she didn’t live up to expectations.

Lu Zize’s gentle voice then rose, “Brother Yong, the incident has already occurred and it’s useless to say more. God’s Eye has given assignments. Are we going to go after eating or go right now?”

“You’re still going to eat? Fuck eating. We’re going.”

Brother Yong stood up with thunderous violence and windy swiftness and walked out the dining room.

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 6 Days ~

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Miraku Akira: Now, Mie-kun,

Mie Kanade: Yes?

A: It’s 6 days until release now!

K: Yay!

A: Yeah!

K: Right, that being the case, beginning from today Miraku Akira-san and I, Mie Kanade, will start a really fun countdown!

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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 6 Days ~

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Hello. I’m sorry for calling so late, were you awake? A little thing came to mind… Look, six days later, I’m going to be engaged with you, right? So, I was wondering what sort of design for the dress should be arranged. Is there a design that you love?

Ah, those flowers? Mm, I think it’ll really match. Huh, what flower do I love the most?

I guess I love the flower that’s called your smile the most. Ah, haha, that sounded a bit smarmy didn’t it?… But it’s true. I love you the most in this world.


Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 7 Days ~

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Hello, Teacher?… Hey, have you noticed? That, after a week, you and I will be bound together, Teacher.

Haha, are you still saying “No”? Hurry up and realize that’s pointless resistance.

No matter what walls you put up in your heart, Teacher, I’ll knock them down and come for you.

I love you, Teacher. I’ll be having your everything and all of me will be yours too.


Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 22 ~

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Chapter 22 ~ Third Game Pt.4 ~

The lethality from a gentle person saying this phrase was shocking.

Gu Yian instinctively wanted to take a half step back, but she resisted.

In this moment, she became even more vigilant towards Lu Zize from the bottom of her heart.

Lu Zize handed the phone back to Gu Yian and said, “Leave this matter for me to handle. Don’t be scared, he won’t live past tonight.”

His matter-of-fact words made her feel a chill. He decided on a person’s life at will.

She didn’t show this on her face though and only asked, as if it were a normal question, “Senior, it seems like his punishment doesn’t fit his crime?”

Lu Zize seemed to see Gu Yian’s scruples.

He nudged his glasses and the air around him returned to its earlier gentleness, no longer having that force.

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Maou Kankin ~ Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~

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Cecil (セシル)
CV: 三重奏

Demon Queen Confinement ~ The Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero ~

You led a demon army as the female demon lord, lost in the final battle with the hero, and was seized into the hero’s castle.

When you woke, you were chained in just your underwear and the outrageously arrogant hero tried to threaten you into a relationship by saying, “I’ve been interested in you from a long time ago. If you become my woman, then I’ll let your cute underlings live.”

You refused to succumb to the hero’s hand, saying “Kill me and let my subordinates go”, but he replied with “I love you, so rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you… let’s do something better, yeah?” and forcibly kissed you.

In order to save the lives of your subordinates who adored you, you gave your body to the hero, emptying your mind and not feeling anything. The hero was amused by your attitude, commenting “You belong to me already, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest”, and touched your body that had both hands restrained.

“I don’t have any intentions of letting you go at all,” the hero laughed loudly and did as he pleased.

When you tried to escape, you were discovered by the hero, who said “I’m going to make your body unable to leave mine”, and taught this to your body, which was intensely loved, testing out an incubus tool he bought from a dodgy black market merchant, and eventually you began to feel pleasure not only in your body but also in your heart.

Huge thank you to AquaBenten for this commission! I can’t get enough of Mie Kanade’s voice and this one is a great volume. R18 warning. You can grab this on JP DLsite or ENG DLsite.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 21 ~

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Chapter 21 ~ Third Game Pt.3 ~

Where did this godly nutcase come from?

Did he think he was God?

That person was still watching her.

Gu Yian raised her head and looked out the window.

There was no one on the balcony of the residential building in the distance, and most of its windows were closed.

Could there be someone in the residential building watching her through their window?

Gu Yian quickly closed the window and pulled the curtains shut without hesitation.


Gu Yian looked at her phone.

The screen displayed a newly received text message.

“You are the embodiment of my love and desire.”

Gu Yian looked at these words with indifference.

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