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Dear Vocalist ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(I’m doing this series to keep things fresh >< I promise I’m still working on LN translations in-between these. Anyway, I have three best boys in this series that I wanted to share with everyone but to fully appreciate them… you have to experience the rest of the guys LOL which is why I’ve picked this series up. Also, dammit, Rejet released a 3rd season of these boys!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Seven ~

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The sky was high, Yuna thought.

A clear, cloundless, blue sky spread out this morning. Yuna took in deep breaths while still looking up. Recently she realized that whenever she was thinking, or troubled, she found herself looking up at the sky; somehow it had become a habit. It was a strange thought because she didn’t do this before. It might have been because the sky was the only thing that hadn’t changed since her previous life, and looking at it naturally calmed her down.

“Lady Celiastina, is something the matter?”

“Ah, no. It’s nothing.”

Aeneas was escorting her to the balcony that overlooked the plaza.

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Toraware no Palm ~ Haruto ~

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Haruto is the first character that was released for Toraware no Palm. I would normally do a short description of what he is like as a character but this profile image above does all the work, so I’ll just straight up translate that below. Also, apologies for the image spam and how much space they take (vertical images are so hard to scale). WARNING: There’s going to be massive spoilers in the summary section below so don’t read if you’re going to play this (also some CG spoilers)!

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Toraware no Palm

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I’ve been playing this game for the better part of 2 months and ended up really enjoying it so I figured, eh, why not write a post? I’ll be doing a short introduction post about the game and its elements, and then two more posts summarizing the two routes and my experiences going through them. Also, I haven’t found many reviews on this game except for the amazing Bunny, who did an in-depth review on the game play, extras, and Haruto’s route, so please check out Bunny’s blog HERE too!

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Six ~

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Asyut picked up a piece of the report that was spread out in front of him and then tossed it aside after a glance.

Unable to feel motivated, he stood up from the sofa and poured himself a glass of water from the shelf before draining it in one go. –As he thought, work wasn’t something to be brought into his private room. Along with his sigh Asyut felt that keenly. But there was a mound of problems and they were all serious matters that could not be ignored. During the day he was up to his neck in dealing with business that the only way to think slowly over these problems was to set aside a short time at night.

The enviroment surrounding the Saint Celiastina was once again starting to change greatly.

There were many points related to her that he was concerned about. First, the most immediate problem was the matter of her bodyguards. Ever since Neisan, a victim of the Holy Jail, was announced as a candidate to be her bodyguard, everyone’s doubts began to swell again.

The same situation occurred when Aeneas became one. Why did he expressly want to serve as the hated saint’s bodyguard? Was he not hiding a plot to avenge himself? If that was not the case then, conversely, was the saint the one who appointed him as a bodyguard again? If so, then for what reason?

Certainly, the surrounding voices gradually became smaller as Aeneas did his work with devotion. From an outsider’s view, the master and servant relationship was also favorable and, from the start, Aeneas’ nature made it hard to associate him with shadowy actions like deceiving people for revenge.

But what about Neisan? Those who had knowledge of him, know him. Originally, he was a man whose specialty was gathering intelligence and assassination. Various factors, which happened in a row, led him to walking a path as a squire but, even if his title changed, he might still be acting behind the scenes of the royal palace as a “shadow”.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Five ~

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The nice weather continued and, even this night, she could see the stars glimmering beautifully in the night sky.

While walking back through the quiet corridors, she unconsciously looked up at the sky in fascination. The night sky, which could be seen past the breaks between buildings, was like a framed picture. Thanks to the full moon and the ceaseless amount of stars, the corridors at night were relatively bright. Even without the lights that dotted the length of the corridor, she wouldn’t have been uneasy about her footing.

Doing something like walking alone this late at night was foolish, even she knew that. But still, Yuna slipped out of her room. Because she wanted to talk alone with Linus.

She heard casually from her maid, Nasha, that occasionally Linus left his room to stand in the courtyard at night. In the past, it seemed like Celiastina often stood beside him, and this sounded like a subject she shouldn’t touch but since Nasha became her maid – and since Yuna became Celiastina’s substitute – this hadn’t happened even once, which was thought to be strange.

She didn’t know if Linus was going to be in the courtyard tonight. If he wasn’t there, then she decided she would visit him again tomorrow. Why she didn’t just do that from the start was because, if she visited him in the middle of the night, she was hoping that Linus would take off his usual mask and show his true intentions a little.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Four ~

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Regarding the existence of the historical archive, it appeared to be an open secret within the royal palace.

It is said to be reached by climbing the stairs in the deepest corner of the royal palace library; and that it had special documents relating to the history and politics of this country. In particular, there seemed to be very sensitive documents that would never be made public. On one hand, it was an extremely precious mountain of treasure on the knowledge of this country, but if used poorly by the current ruler, it could be a terrible poison that would drive the country into a predicament. That is why the people at the top of the country hid its actual existence, or at least those were the rumors.

If she went there, she would be able to know the truth about the past of the previous saints.

Ron’s words were brought back over and over again in Yuna’s mind.

If his words were true, then to Yuna that place would be just what she wanted. It would have been suspicious if she borrowed Celiastina’s appearance and went around asking this and that from everyone, but there was no need to be concerned if she was consulting books, and she would be able to acquire as much knowledge as she wished.

Linus knew Yuna’s circumstances, and he would be well-informed about the past saints and about Celiastina. However, she couldn’t help but feel nervous at going to visit him. Although he helped during the signature matter, they still had not talked enough about her relation to Celiastina. If that subject was brought up and a distance was placed between them again then–. The blade of words that had struck her once, couldn’t be immediately forgotten even after leaving.

If that was the case, then she should head to the historical archive without hesitation. Her own voice sounded awfully distant when she declared that. That Yuna wasn’t able to move immediately and follow her own words was because there was still hesitation inside her.

Yuna, who was sprawled over her room’s sofa, pulled a cushion towards herself and trapped it against her chest.

–She was afraid to learn about Celiastina.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Three ~

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Neisan was appointed to be a bodyguard of Saint Celiastina.

The news rushed through the royal palace with a small commotion. There weren’t many people who did not know the name Neisan. Once imprisoned on the whims of the saint, the young squire whose life or death was unknown– to think that he was alive, and serving again as her bodyguard. Just what exactly was going on for him too to follow the similar circumstances of Aeneas. It was not unreasonable for everyone to be puzzled like this.

Be that as it may, it was rather painful to just accept the criticisms from her surroundings. Even the moment when Asyut called out to her before the ceremony and said “I wish to speak to you”, Yuna was unable to hide her dejected look. What Asyut wanted to talk about was clear as day. Nevertheless, it was obvious that she couldn’t run away.

During the divine service, Yuna listened to the flowing music. She closed her eyes and entrusted her body to the comfortable melody. Beside her, Asyut was the same as usual and offering up prayers, like her. Nowadays Yuna didn’t feel any discomfort sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Asyut, but she wondered what he felt. At the very least, she didn’t feel like he was treating her coldly like he did in the beginning. He was probably intending to criticize her about Neisan, but he wouldn’t be attacking with feelings of hate for Celiastina.

That they were able to build this calm relationship honestly made her happy. But she knew that she couldn’t just be pleased.

Yuna still didn’t know anything about the deep trench that stretched out between Celiastina and Asyut. Even when she peeked, all she could see was an endless darkness, as if there was no bottom. And though they sat here peacefully like this now, what would happen at the time Celiastina returned?

(When Celiastina returns…)

The words that she herself called to mind resounded very clearly in her head.

(What will happen when she does?)

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Two ~

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The weather today was ideal for a departure.

Yuna finished her one ceremony in the morning and walked hurriedly down the corridor.

Her quick footsteps and leaping breath overlapped and the usual quiet atmosphere was transformed just in this moment. As if to soothe Yuna, who was impatient, gentle sunshine shone in from the window and created a loose shadow behind Yuna.

Following behind that shadow was her bodyguard, Aeneas. It didn’t seem like he was in as much of a hurry as her, but there was a little bit of a bewildered air about him.

“Lady Celiastina, I do not believe you need to be in such a hurry.”

“But there’s no time already.”

Yuna answered briefly and ran up the stairs. Aeneas followed after in the same way.

“We can see the gate from the terrace over there, right?”

“Yes, you should be able to.”

“Then, if we hurry we might be able to make it.”

Please, let me make it in time.

Instead of saying those words, Yuna leapt up the stairs as fast as she could and rushed out onto the landing. The flat floor, as if surprised, caught Yuna’s body. As she climbed up even more stairs, the corridor that opened up was completely devoid of people. The entrance to the terrace waited at the end of this corridor.

The gate that could be seen from the terrace was often used by aristocrats for going outside anonymously. In this quiet place where few people come, even within the royal palace, the inconspicuously small gate was built as if it was part of the wall of an elaborate building. It was certainly perfect for those who wanted to leave unseen.

This time was no exception and the gate was about to be opened as if it were for an aristocrat to head out incognito. No, this traveler could not be put together with the likes of an aristocrat. In actuality, it was a person from a priest family that held more power than that and, at this time, was organizing their preparations for a journey in front of the gate.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter One ~

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I hope the flower blooms soon, a young girl said.

Yeah! I hope it blooms soon. Yuna answered with a smile.

In a quiet garden surrounded by tall walls, flowers that weren’t planted or bought swayed in the wind. In there, Yuna and the other girl surrounded a small sprout and exchanged grins. It was a baby plant, smaller than even their palms. It wasn’t unusual to Yuna, whose family ran a herbal store, but when she looked at the other girl who stroked its leaves sweetly, her own face naturally smiled. I hope it blooms soon, Yuna thought from the bottom of her heart.

A little tired from crouching for so long, Yuna stood up and stretched. When she closed her eyes and raised both arms to the sky to stretch, a groan slipped out. Her body felt refreshed and lighter– but at the same time she felt something disquieting, and so Yuna opened her eyes with a snap.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Prologue ~

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Do not worry, and look forward.
If done, the “feelings” you have nurtured up to now without giving up,
even if they are released from your hands, will steadily rise up,
and you will notice that you have started to walk.

It is difficult to change things.
No matter how hard you work, the fruit of your efforts will not appear immediately.
But, even if you cannot see it, a change has certainly “started”.

That is why you should believe.
You should walk on the path you believe in.

As long as the flickering light beyond the road’s end is within sight.

(T/N: I’ve updated the page list with the second book’s summary and index!)

Light Beyond ~ Afterword ~

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I really respect this writer’s skill, so I figured I might as well translate her afterwords too because they’re amusing and give some insight into this story’s journey.

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Light Beyond ~ Character Page ~

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Here are the character pages for the first volume of this series! They actually appear at the front of the book, but I decided to show them at the end because they spoil who you’ll be seeing in the book, so… Anyway, I’ve included the way character names are spelled in Japanese too so you can make fun of my romanization (LOL) and so that you can match the names with the images.

EDIT: I should probably put a warning that seeing the pictures may destroy the picture you already created in your head for these characters, oops.

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter Eleven ~

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This was Asyut’s first time going to this jail.

Originally, this place was nothing more than a temporary detention facility for those who caused trouble in the royal palace. Normally it was a forgotten space where no one entered or exited. Even when there was the occasional imprisoned person, they would be properly transferred within a few days. Duo was probably the first person to have stayed in this jail for several weeks.

And that Duo… what was his emotional state as time passed?

When he thought about that, Asyut felt like he could understand a little bit of the emotional whirlpool in Duo. The sorrow of losing a loved one, and the pain of being unable to save them. No, it was surely more than that– it must have been a deep and violent feeling of self-condemnation that tormented him, as if he had done it with his own hands. He must be thinking he could never get up again–.

(Duo also hasn’t thought about wanting to be saved, huh.)

People have said that because there are people who wanted to live more but couldn’t, one mustn’t treat their lives poorly. That living itself was something to be rejoiced. But those words only suited one’s own convenience. Why did they not think about the suffering of those people who want to die but can’t? Why did they have to compare themselves with people who stood in exact opposite positions? It was not always possible for people who were facing the past and forced to face the future to take one step forward.

There was almost no possibility for someone, who was hurt in the heart enough to wish for death, to find hope in themselves. If such a person were able to stand up again……

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Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu ~ Nagamine Tamaki ~

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Nagamine Tamaki (永峰 環)
CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤 まさとも)

(I’ve decided on a new Valentines tradition. From now on, I’m going to translate my favorite drama CDs :’) especially now that I’ve finally listened to some fantastic ones that have planted themselves at the top of my list for GOLD STAR content. WARNING: This is R18 so proceed with caution.)

EDIT 2017/05/26: Added the animate and stellaworth tokutens. You’re welcome ;).

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