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Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Yamana Gakuen-hen: 7 Days ~

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Hello, Teacher?… Hey, have you noticed? That, after a week, you and I will be bound together, Teacher.

Haha, are you still saying “No”? Hurry up and realize that’s pointless resistance.

No matter what walls you put up in your heart, Teacher, I’ll knock them down and come for you.

I love you, Teacher. I’ll be having your everything and all of me will be yours too.


Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 22 ~

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Chapter 22 ~ Third Game Pt.4 ~

The lethality from a gentle person saying this phrase was shocking.

Gu Yian instinctively wanted to take a half step back, but she resisted.

In this moment, she became even more vigilant towards Lu Zize from the bottom of her heart.

Lu Zize handed the phone back to Gu Yian and said, “Leave this matter for me to handle. Don’t be scared, he won’t live past tonight.”

His matter-of-fact words made her feel a chill. He decided on a person’s life at will.

She didn’t show this on her face though and only asked, as if it were a normal question, “Senior, it seems like his punishment doesn’t fit his crime?”

Lu Zize seemed to see Gu Yian’s scruples.

He nudged his glasses and the air around him returned to its earlier gentleness, no longer having that force.

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Maou Kankin ~ Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~

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Cecil (セシル)
CV: 三重奏

Demon Queen Confinement ~ The Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero ~

You led a demon army as the female demon lord, lost in the final battle with the hero, and was seized into the hero’s castle.

When you woke, you were chained in just your underwear and the outrageously arrogant hero tried to threaten you into a relationship by saying, “I’ve been interested in you from a long time ago. If you become my woman, then I’ll let your cute underlings live.”

You refused to succumb to the hero’s hand, saying “Kill me and let my subordinates go”, but he replied with “I love you, so rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you… let’s do something better, yeah?” and forcibly kissed you.

In order to save the lives of your subordinates who adored you, you gave your body to the hero, emptying your mind and not feeling anything. The hero was amused by your attitude, commenting “You belong to me already, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest”, and touched your body that had both hands restrained.

“I don’t have any intentions of letting you go at all,” the hero laughed loudly and did as he pleased.

When you tried to escape, you were discovered by the hero, who said “I’m going to make your body unable to leave mine”, and taught this to your body, which was intensely loved, testing out an incubus tool he bought from a dodgy black market merchant, and eventually you began to feel pleasure not only in your body but also in your heart.

Huge thank you to AquaBenten for this commission! I can’t get enough of Mie Kanade’s voice and this one is a great volume. R18 warning. You can grab this on JP DLsite or ENG DLsite.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 21 ~

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Chapter 21 ~ Third Game Pt.3 ~

Where did this godly nutcase come from?

Did he think he was God?

That person was still watching her.

Gu Yian raised her head and looked out the window.

There was no one on the balcony of the residential building in the distance, and most of its windows were closed.

Could there be someone in the residential building watching her through their window?

Gu Yian quickly closed the window and pulled the curtains shut without hesitation.


Gu Yian looked at her phone.

The screen displayed a newly received text message.

“You are the embodiment of my love and desire.”

Gu Yian looked at these words with indifference.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 20 ~

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Chapter 20 ~ Third Game Pt.2 ~

The players present heard Gu Yian’s words, went quiet, and then kept silent.

As a matter of fact, at the start, there were veteran players who thought about imitating Gu Yian’s actions to also fiddle with their phone but their attention was immediately drawn away by the new players telling them their new player hint.

The new player hint concerned whether or not they could clear the game in the future, and so they naturally cared more about long-term matters.

After Gu Yian said this, those with quick reactions began to try unlocking their phones to check the email.

Unlocking the phone wasn’t hard, they just needed to put it at a certain distance, find the set angle, and let the front camera at the top of the phone capture the player’s face clearly, and then the phone would unlock successfully.

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Sadistic Rulers

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Asma (アスマ)
CV: 深川緑

Ast (アスト)
CV: 黒井勇

You were born into a family of renowned and outstanding sorcerors. Although you knew how to study, your magical power was almost the same as an ordinary person and no matter what magical-related thing you did it was completely hopeless. You were the so-called black sheep.

Your parents and siblings had given up on you, however only your grandfather did not. As his cute granddaughter and a hardworking aspiring sorceror, you worked very hard to grow into a splendid adult together with his familiars. Now that your grandfather passed away, you lived in the suburbs accompanied by two brothers that were superior familiars among those who attended to your grandfather.

Asma, who always called you “Master” with hypocritical courtesy and ridiculed you but still taught you many things.
Ast, who called you “Little Master” with respect but didn’t speak politely at all and lived doing whatever he pleased and behaved with abandon.

Accompanied by these two superior familiars, if you studied a lot then you would surely become a great sorceror like your grandfather. That was what you thought but—

Thank you to AquaBenten for the commission! R18 warning and dub-con, sadism, scat. You can grab this on JP DLsite and ENG DLsite.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 19 ~

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Chapter 19 ~ Third Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian wanted to say she didn’t like either of them.

But if she really did say this then, according to God’s pettiness, she would definitely be remembered.

Gu Yian didn’t speak and those words stubbornly hung in the air, unwilling to disappear.

In order to leave this pure white space earlier, Gu Yian hesitantly said, “I like… Little Ze?”

That was the boy she met in the first game; he was quite cute and also seemed to be an incarnation of God.

Left and right, they were all God and it shouldn’t matter if she didn’t say the demon or God.

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Tears of Themis – A Love Poem to Skadi Event

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Weiding Shijian Bu – Tears of Themis

Starting to realize that Mihoyo really loves tragic love stories, which is what this event was about too. There was some unique gameplay involving exploring an abandoned mansion, but none of the text was repeatable there and they summarize the whole story at the end so only the main story is translated. It’s still understandable IMO, but just keep in mind that there was some actual legwork involved LOL.

The rest of the event is just some cute, fluffy run-ins with the guys and enjoying a holiday with them on this island. Happy belated Valentines and Lunar New Year!

Tears of Themis – A Warm and Lively Lantern Festival Event

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Weiding Shijian Bu – Tears of Themis

Belated wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival. Here’s a mini-event that celebrated this in Themis and it includes more NXX comedy.

Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 18 ~

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Chapter 18 ~ Second Game Pt.9 ~

Gu Yian landed on the grass.

That ice-cold breath had already receded.

Now, the closest person to Gu Yian was the Merchant who came down first.

The Merchant stood less than one meter away from Gu Yian and he looked into the darkness in a direction and said, “You guessed right. After we grabbed the correct summoning ritual, she took the initiative to come out.”

At this stage, the ghosts would make a preemptive move.

Two muffled noises sounded behind Gu Yian with the Witch and Student landing on the lawn, one after another.

The Witch ordered, “You two protect the Sage well.”

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Tears of Themis – Case of the Missing Roomba Event

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Weiding Shijian Bu – Tears of Themis

Because it bothered me that I never made a post for this one, here is a delayed announcement about the mini-event “The Case of the Missing Roomba”. Features some NXX shenanigans.

Luciole no Hime ~ Dr. Thriller ~

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Dr. Thriller (Dr.スリラー)
CV: Oosaka Ryouta (逢坂 良太)

Princess of Luciole ~ Dr. Thriller ~

The prison warden who oversees the prison in the tower of the castle. He seems to act cheerily to everyone, but he is broken from seeing too much tragedy. Perhaps, due to that, it seems that there are times when he suddenly changes into a different person. It’s said that he prepared the last supper for the princess with luxurious ingredients he prepared from somewhere. Because of a certain incident, he urged you to escape…

EVERYONE SAY HELLO TO THE BEST BOY! Haha, anyway, thank you so much to anonymous for the Luciole commissions. This is the last one in the series and reveals something crazy. WARNING: Macabre depictions. Because his CD booklet needs to be seen, I will be attaching a picture below and then the translations.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 17 ~

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Chapter 17 ~ Second Game Pt.8 ~

At the start, Gu Yian only guessed that they had to kill the little girl to clear the game.

However, just now they had Mr. Demon’s personal acknowledgment that this clearance was set in stone.

Gu Yian’s guess was correct.

The Student looked at the Witch, looked at Gu Yian, and then looked at the silent Merchant.

He asked cautiously, “How do we kill her?”

The Student asked about the key point.

Gu Yian and the Merchant both happened to look at the Witch.

The Witch didn’t disappoint everyone’s hopes and she showed great confidence on this matter.

“So long as she appears, I have a way to kill her.”

The most critical step of killing the demon had a candidate and all that was left was fishing the little girl out.

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Luciole no Hime ~ Robin Torkia ~

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Robin Torkia (ロビン・トルキア)
CV: Kondou Takashi (近藤 隆)

Princess of Luciole ~ Robin Torkia ~

A mysterious butler who covers his mouth with a rubber mask. He has extensive knowledge and is a polite escort, but when indignated he falls into an uncontrollable rage. He has an outlook on life where he seems to have given up on everything and it’s said his favorite phrase is “Aah, I want to die”.

Thank you so much to anonymous for the commission of this CD booklet. For the main CD translation, mikorin did one hereWARNING: Macabre depictions and one cannibalism mention. Reminder, please listen to the whole series in order! We’re almost to my favorite character of this series, although Robin also has a place in my heart.

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Luciole no Hime ~ Droite ~

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Droite (ドロワ)
CV: Kishio Daisuke (岸尾 だいすけ)

Princess of Luciole ~ Droite ~

The younger twin of the older brother, Gauche, and in contrast his right eye glows like a firefly. It’s said that his vision in both eyes is poor. He has androgynous features and, because he barely has any expressions, it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking. It seems that he’s cursed to be unable to blink. He was the one who called out “Princess” at your side when you woke…

Thank you to anonymous for the second main part of their commission. I’m a broken record by now, but please listen to this series in order LOL. WARNING: Eye gore and macabre depictions.

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