Abe Atsushi

MESSO” ~ Ame ~

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Osaka Sogo (逢坂 壮五)
CV: Abe Atsushi (阿部 敦)

Yotsuba Tamaki (四葉 環)

MESSO” ~ Rain ~

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! This is the first song in their album, Rain, and it was also the ending song for the 12th episode of the anime.

Lyrics: Shogo
Composed by:
Shogo & Hayakawa Hirotaka

Lyrics below, as well as a YouTube sample.

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Nagumo Hotaru ~

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Nagumo Hotaru (南雲 蛍)
CV: 寺竹順

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You were married into a distinguished family as the second daughter of a prosperous mercantile house but then arbitrarily divorced by your husband, who was surrounded by mistresses, and so you returned to your parents’ house. What awaited you there were days of rude treatment from your family for being a disgrace.

You knocked on the doors to Baroque to fill your loneliness and there you met the male courtesan, Nagumo Hotaru, and the Western doll he was in possession of, named Kosuzu. Although a little confused by Hotaru who declared that while he was a male courtesan there was a line he wouldn’t cross with customers, you chose to spend a night together. As he said, Hotaru serviced you with his hands and lips but would not embrace you in the last step; however, you were healed by the innocent side that Hotaru showed occasionally, and so you went to Baroque many times.

One night, when you asked with slight curiosity as to why he wouldn’t sleep with customers, Hotaru replied with puzzling words that he could only love the doll, Kosuzu. Unable to understand the true meaning behind those words, eventually Hotaru collapsed from an illness–.

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