Akai Ria

Torokeru Chikan Densha ~ OL no Non-stop Kaikan Shukkin Route ~

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Satou Minako (佐藤 みなこ)
CV: 赤井リア

Mukai Yousuke (向井 洋介)
CV: マス・鴉

Shinohara Kouichi (篠原 浩一)
CV: 刺草ネトル

Ikaru Hiromu (斑鳩 大夢)
CV: 翔太紺乃介

Alluring Molestor Train ~ An Office Lady’s Non-stop Pleasurable Route to Work ~

Minako was an office lady who encountered a molestor on the train every day she went to work. Maybe it was because she had openings to take advantage of that made her an easy target for the molestor.

One day, her breasts were boldly grabbed inside the train and they even pressed their pelvis against her. In spite of being scared, Minako moaned when her nipples were rubbed and she felt guilt.

When she consulted her colleague at work, Kouichi, about encountering a molestor, she was given the advice to carry a personal alarm and she felt slightly relieved.

The next morning, Minako changed train carriages but she met a different molestor. She was carrying her personal alarm but she wasn’t able to press it and the molestor’s actions became intense…

On the third day of molestation, Minako began to wonder if the culprit might be someone in the company. Even though she thought it was her imagination, she couldn’t help but be suspicious.

In the end, the true identity of the molestors were…?

Big thank you to Lunar for the commission! R18 warning and this is an interesting one because the heroine gets a voice too. As the audience, we’re really the bystanders here. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

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