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Kankinkon ~ Amayaka na Hibi: Touji ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Kaga Ryousuke (加賀 亮介)
CV: 九財翼

Kaga Yousei (加賀 陽晴)
CV: 紅井駿

Confined Marriage ~ Sweet Days ~

It was two years after the heroine was kidnapped, confined, and assaulted as much as possible by the man named Saijou Touji.

She lived without giving into despair while pouring her love into the child she had with Touji.

The heroine thought she was getting used to handling Touji, the madman, when suddenly one day two men who called themselves Touji’s friends visited the mansion…

“Even that exasperated gaze of contempt is wonderful!”

Huge thank you to Criy – “bcuz even I need sleep” for the commission! This is a FD volume to all the boys up to now and their stories. It’s sort of like a sweet epilogue. Each one of the guys’ gets one track and so I decided to separate the posts into individual ones. R18 content warning ahead! Last (or well, first) track is back to the originator of the series, Touji.

You can pick this series up here at the ENG DLsite or the JPN DLsite.

Reminder that I have two diaries on this entire series if anyone’s curious about my live tweets for the other CDs, they’re kept here in Part One and Part Two.

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