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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Eight ~

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Inside a dim room, the gathered people sat on their knees breathing face-to-face.

The light of the flickering lamp in the center of this windowless room was unreliable. If someone were to sigh, it would readily abandon its job for certain.

“… Everyone is gathered here, huh.”

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Seven ~

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“It certainly seems like even the royal palace has fallen into an uproar.”

Hearing Asyut murmur that Yuna was relieved that, contrary to expectations, he was calm.

In the corner of the complicatedly built palace; the two of them stood on a tasteless terrace.

They could see the royal palace’s west side plaza, one of the places where the names of the members of the anti-saint faction was posted, clearly from here. Once again, she realized that there were many of these elevated places built into the royal palace where one could see movements below in one sweep. Even now, there was no one – amongst those who were standing in front of the bulletin board – who noticed them here.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Six ~

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A room, lined with extremely luxurious furniture.

There were ten men, including Asyut, seated around a large round table. Their serious expressions were reflected on top of the diligently polished table. Four tall gilded pillars surrounded the men at a distance and looked down on them– the ceiling was far off. Complex patterns were drawn on that ceiling, as if representing the tangled relationships between the men.

Asyut massaged the furrow between his brows with his left hand, elbow resting on the table. Fortunately, the deep sigh that leaked out didn’t seem to enter anyone’s ears. But that wasn’t surprising, something like a single person’s sigh would disappear under the vigorous exchange of opinions happening in front of him. Vigorous opinions– yes, that expression sounded nice, but honestly several people were especially insistent on their own opinions.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Five ~

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Yuna walked around her own room in circles, unable to calm down.

She couldn’t bring herself to sit down quietly. She had to do something, anything– this thought pushed her own without meaning.

Two weeks have already passed since she learned of the fact that Ron was waiting eagerly for the anti-saint faction’s royal palace attack. There, Yuna had declared “I will go down the path that I believe in” but, in actuality, she couldn’t find anything for herself to do. Just by stepping out of her personal rooms she came under care of a bodyguard, so there was no way she could rush out into the town and persuade the anti-saint faction.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Four ~

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The sunlight, which seemed to pierce, shone mercilessly on the young lady’s back.

While gritting her teeth, the young lady carried a basket on her slender shoulder and walked at an even, unbroken pace. When she finally reached the building that was her goal, she opened the door with her body and dropped the basket she had been carrying with a thump. At that impact, an undersized fruit rolled out of the basket which was full of vegetables. It rolled to another young person. A muscular body bent to pick up the fruit and then, while throwing it into the basket, he gave a deep sigh.

“How many times have I said that you don’t need to do this kind of work, Mille.”

“And I’ve said many times that I’ll do it, even if you tell me not to, Jin.”

The young lady, called Mille, gave a chilly glance at the tall man before she poured water into a cup from the water jug beside her and drank it all at once.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Three ~

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The next morning, a letter was delivered to Yuna who was having breakfast in her room.

It was an exceedlingly fine-looking envelope, with an imposing wax seal. Because the messenger purposefully carried it to her on a golden tray, she could tell that the letter came from someone of status. However, for Yuna, who hadn’t received a letter in this life up to now, she had no idea who the sender could be.

In any case, nothing would start if she didn’t open it.

Finshing her breakfast and drinking her after meal tea, Yuna placed her cup on the table and then took the envelope in hand.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Two ~

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“Wow, it looks amazing on you, Lady Celiastina!”

Yuna, who was standing in front of the full-length mirror in her room, sent a wry smile back at her maid, Nasha, who looked at the mirror and exclaimed in delight.

Right now, Yuna looked more like a fashionable aristocratic lady than a saint who served God. She had on a light pink dress, layered with delicate lace, and a necklace with a large jewel; her makeup was also applied more carefully than usual.

“No, really, for this dress to be worn so splendidly…”

The dressmaker beside Nasha had a wide smile as he said this with admiration.

It was recent that he, an expert dressmaker, made a request to present his own work to the saint Celiastina. In less than a month, when the royal palace gave consent, the dress and the person himself entered the royal palace. And, because he wanted to check if there were any measurements which didn’t fit, it became a dress fitting session right there.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter One ~

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One person.

Only one person.


–You can choose.


The woman who called him Lord Asyut smiled.


No, no.

I can’t possibly choose.

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Light Beyond 3 ~ Prologue ~

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What is a miracle?

Sometimes, it might be the glittering stars in a black, night sky, which moves a person’s heart.
Sometimes, it might be the flower blooming in the wide desert, which comforts a person’s heart.

But in time the night will end and the glittering stars will disappear.
But in time the sand will dance and the colored flowers will be scattered.

It is only the human will that raises a miracle.
Even if one thinks it is lost, they must not give up.
If it is a miracle that cannot be lost, then one must never stop.

Only move forward.

As long as the flickering light beyond the road’s end is within sight.

(T/N: Updated the page list with 3rd book details!)

Light Beyond 2 ~ Afterword ~

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Woo! We’ve reached the end of another volume and here are some words from the author.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Character Page ~

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Character pages for the second volume! Once again, these appear the front of the book but in order to hide spoilers about appearing characters I’ve posted this at the end. Warning: Looking at this might destroy your mental image of the characters, aha. You can also laugh at my hilarious romanization of their names.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ An Old, Old Sibelius Story ~

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A long time ago, there were two beautiful twin sisters who lived in the land of Schlezel.

The two sisters closely resembled each other, to the extent where no one could tell them apart. The older sister’s name was Rhodiani, and the younger sister was Endius. The two lived close to the entrance of the forest, a little ways off from the town. The two had lost their parents early and had no other relatives. Because of that, the two were bound by a strong bond. If one laughed, the other laughed; if one cried, the other cried. Even if their bodies were divided in two, their souls were one. This was how dear they thought of each other and trusted each other.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Eleven ~

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As they left the orphanage and went further on horse, the entrance to the forest appeared faster than she thought. And, indeed, there was a quiet graveyard spread out on their side of the forest. Not a lot of people seemed to come here and the hushed and lonely atmosphere made Yuna feel more and more depressed. She didn’t think anyone would want to stay here long with the force of the dense forest approaching from behind.

“Please do not leave my side.”

Stopping the horse, Asyut murmured that while looking around at their surroundings. Feeling the tension in his form, Yuna also braced herself once more.

Looking out over this desolated ground, there was not a soul in sight. Instead, there were shabby tombstones dotting the grounds.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Ten ~

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Yuna watched the changing scenery as she sat on top of a horse, supported by Asyut.

She never expected that she would leave out of the gates in the same way that Yodel, who she saw off several days ago, did. Feeling a strange connection, Yuna sighed in wonder. That sigh, in the blink of an eye, disappeared behind them.

Yuna and Asyut were on a horse that was galloping on a continuous straight road; the two were heading to the orphanage that Celiastina used to live at in the past.

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Light Beyond 2 ~ Chapter Nine ~

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Aeneas walked down the corridor alone. Suddenly, he stopped and raised his head absently. –Beyond that door, Celiastina wasn’t there right now.

Aeneas could only smile bitterly at how, every time he passed her room, he found himself searching for her, even through the door. Right now, he didn’t have the energy to tell himself off for how weak he was being.

Celiastina looked quite busy these past few days. Because she wasn’t allowed to act alone, Aeneas would always head to see her and escort her during those times. But even though the time he spent beside her was longer than usual, why did he not feel that at all. Instead he felt like they were drifting apart from each other more than usual. Both of them were awkward and could only have harmless and inoffensive conversations.

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