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Anata wo Okasu Voice 3 ~ Abnormal Stalker ~

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The Voice that Rapes You

Do you have rape fantasies?
Have you ever thought about wanting to be humiliated?

You are a beautiful and alluring woman.
However, a wicked hand reaches out to you.

An unknown man stalks you. He’s under the impression that you love him and approaches you aggressively to be together with you.

To obtain your love, these are the brutal tactics of a stalker willing to resort to any means.
And so your body and mind are violated by this man of an extremely abnormal disposition.

Huh, they don’t have a CV listed here so… I was thinking it might be because of the contents of this series, but 4 and 5 have ysd. LOL so nevermind. They’re already using pseudonyms!! There’s no shame in being connected to extreme things— jkjk. Anyway, you can pick this up at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite.

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! We’ve stepped into a dark place, haha, but this is a no judgment zone. R18 content warning and, uh, I guess dubcon and dark themes.

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