Double Score ~ Lotus ~

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Sano Fumiya (佐野 郁哉)
CV: Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅)

Higuchi Subaru (樋口 昴)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Double Score ~ Lotus ~

Due to circumstances of the heroine, the date that was planned was cancelled and so Sano Fumiya was somewhat displeased. For a change of pace, he helped out with Higuchi Subaru’s work but his displeasure was so much that he was teased about whether he broke up with his girlfriend.

Sano’s switch was flipped and, while denying that they broke up, he spoke about his passionate feelings for his girlfriend to where Higuchi was annoyed by the gushing. Sano was suggested to call his girlfriend if he was thinking about her that much, and this was how he learned the true reason for the date being cancelled.

In order to nurse his girlfriend, who said she had a fever, Sano headed to the heroine’s place…

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! For once I can shed my kinky title and present some all ages romantic goodness. The Double Score series has a sad past because it was a drama CD series that was being made into games (two guys per game IIRC) but then the rest of the games got cancelled after they only produced three. They have like 12 men, so that would have been 6 games at least.

Anyway, the drama CDs are connected to the games but the CDs and games can be enjoyed separately. Also, Double Score is all about an age difference between the heroine and the guy, just as a heads up!!

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