NoT Release

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Tachinaga Ataru (立永 与)
CV: 河村眞人

Hayase Tsutomu (早瀬 努)
CV: 三重奏

NoT Release

Three years prior, you married an older man who was your boss at your workplace. Your husband had a child from his previous marriage, Hayase Tsutomu.

Because he was at the sensitive age of an university student, you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to get along with Tsutomu at first, but he grew attached to you and nowadays you have warm and peaceful days. Tsutomu’s best friend, Tachinaga Ataru, also loves you like a mother and every day is filled with happiness.

However, Tsutomu found himself falling in love with you, his stepmother, and consulted Ataru about this. His feelings grew larger day by day until, one night, he assaulted you under the influence of being drunk.

Despite the worst-case scenario being avoided thanks to Ataru’s coincidental visit, Tsutomu fled from the house, driven by self-blame.

“That was a terrible experience, huh.”

The moment you were relieved at Ataru’s kind words, he threw out something unexpected.

“Just kidding. Haha, you and Tsutomu are way too simple.”

Everything was a planned trap… Ataru’s love, which he concealed even from Tsutomu, became twisted and he descended on you—

Thanks to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and this series is all about the NTR (having a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship, essentially stealing them), which is why they capitalized the title the way they did. So, uh, beware of cheating (NTR) themes, bondage, blackmail, and dubcon here LOL.

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Gokudou no Otoko wa Ai wo Utau

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Kurata Shirou (倉田 志郎)
CV: 二枚貝ほっき

The Yakuza Composes Pathos

It is the middle of the Showa era.

You are the daughter of a yakuza boss, who cared about the appearance of continuing education into university, and under his arrangements began to live alone in an apartment not too far from your parents’ home.

However, what you cared about was Kurata Shirou, who you’ve always had feelings for since childhood. Finding excuses, you would appear at the office and watch Shirou.

One such rainy day, on your way home, you met Shirou who was covered in someone’s blood—

Thank you to @coralynfirenza at Tumblr for the commission! Rubbing my hands gleefully here, because oh boy do I like me some yakuza men as well. I say this but I also spent half the CD crying over the language. R18 content warning.

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