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Tiny summer days

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Nakarai Wataru (半井 渉)
CV: 二枚貝ほたて

Tiny summer days

A freshman in the Faculty of Education, you belonged to a club called “Handmade Toy Research Group”.

This was because the toy exhibition at last year’s school festival left an impression on you.

The club leader, Wataru, flirts with you saying “Be my girlfriend” at every opportunity, but personally you feel like “Isn’t he just messing with me?”.

In order to develop toys to display at the school festival, the club ended up holding a training camp during the summer holiday.

This training camp led to an occasion that let you know the “real Wataru”—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and this is super cute and fluffy except… the animate tokuten borders a bit on child roleplay gone too far. The heroine stops it in the middle but this is just a heads up.

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