Off Pako Hyakuningiri (Uso) no Danshi to Raburabu ni Narumade

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Hirakata (ひらかた)
CV: 胸板鉄板ミート

Until You’re In Love With A Man Who Has Had Over 100 Offline Meetups For Sex (Untrue)

“You” are a woman who uploads casual everyday moments onto your SNS under the name “Fuwawa”.

Several years ago, you ended up connecting with a man around your age.

One day, he invited you to meet offline.

You met him at the meeting place and he seemed to have grown interested in you at a glance and said he’d like to go to a hotel together, but…!?

“… A-a-actually, even though I look like this, I’m someone with a hidden account. I’m one of those guys who has a second account.”

“Y-yeah, the earlier loserness was just an act. I made up a character who’d bring up meeting offline to capture your heart! I’m actually a guy with a second account known for having had over 100 offline meetups for sex.”

“Um, it’s different, right? It’s like… everyone uses a mask when they meet people they know over the internet? Like a persona? That kind of thing is just slapped on and everyone’s good at it, huh.”

“I thought there wasn’t anyone in the world who would understand me… I thought I’d just die absolutely lonely. I get a bit scared when I think about that…”

Thank you to Adachi for the commission! R18 warning and he has a mother kink. You can grab this on the ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

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