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Amnesia Later ~ Orion ~

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Orion (オリオン)
CV: Igarashi Hiromi (五十嵐 裕美)

Orion is a precious angel sent down from the heavens and nothing can dissuade me from believing this. He has such endless optimism and positivity and he continues to care very deeply about the heroine. The story is partially set in Ukyo’s route where the heroine is going out with Ukyo but she doesn’t have memories of what happened in August. Orion and her meet and she is struck by constant nostalgia.

(THE LONG JOURNEY IS OVER! Thank you to everyone again for their patience in me completing Amnesia Later. This also finishes up Yellow Apple’s request for me to finish up this series |D so yay! I’m going to move into Hana Awase Himeutsugi-hen after this but unfortunately they don’t have Hime-hen banners, so I’ll be using Mizuchi-hen banners as progress updates).

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