Irodori Kazuya

Ryou ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

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Kotetsu (虎徹)
CV: 九財翼

Ryuuji (龍治)
CV: 彩和矢

Eclipse ~ Whereabouts of Sin ~

The heroine, proud of herself for being an ordinary student whose only good point was being diligent, had a reason for needing to return home as soon as possible.

However, when she tried to cut across a park out of anxiousness at being later than usual, halfway—she was called to a stop by two men who suddenly appeared.

The heroine was caught, pushed into a nearby public washroom, and humiliatingly used.

“Forcing someone really is the best, huh.”
“Then, let’s make you a mama in this public toilet.”

The heroine endured this disgrace but, unfortunately, they seemed to like her and she was brought to their apartment.

Then a strange cohabitation together with these brutish men began…

Part 3 and the bulk of my thanks to Mirai for this commission! I’m being spoiled whenever someone asks for Dusk works! R18 warning and dub-con, 3P, vomit, watersports, rape mentions, incest mentions. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note1: Because the kanji alone can mean many things, I just took a stab at the title. This character can form the verb for surpassing, excelling, or eclipsing someone. But it can also be part of the word for being humiliated and assaulted, so I chose eclipse for the way it can be used to mean a loss of status or reputation (ex. eclipsed by someone).

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Yuusha Kankin ~ Inma ni Otosareta Onna Yuusha ~

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Ray (レイ)
CV: 彩和矢

Hero Confinement ~ The Heroine was Felled by an Incubus ~

“The reason I confined you? Naturally, it’s for us to lie together, Miss Hero.”

The person who appeared in front of you when you woke up in an unfamiliar mansion called himself “Ray”, the incubus who was the right hand of the demon lord.

His purpose was to obtain power after copulating with you, the hero, and when he was refused he began to touch you, stating “I shall draw out the real you.” In contrast to his teasing and obscene words, his comfortable touch brought out pleasure.

Drowning in pleasure, before you knew it, you even forgot your status as a hero and began to anticipate sleeping with Ray…

“You simply haven’t noticed this yourself, but you feel even more pleasure when you are tormented…”
“As a reward, I shall offer up what you desire.”

You can no longer escape from the incubus who has thorough knowledge of everything about you…

Thank you to AquaBenten for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. Gods, I love this doujin circle and recommend people check out their other works too. On another note, I decided to go with their anniversary image because the cover art is too much naked girl and I didn’t want to surprise anyone clicking into my site (“Ili, you say this as if a half-naked man is okay…” SHHH).

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