Junai Paraphilia

Junai Paraphilia ~ Seito Kaichou ~

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Arihara Leo (有原 玲央)
CV: 佐和真中

Pure Love Paraphilia ~ Student Council President ~

You were extorted by the student council president of your school, Arihara, into a physical relationship. It was a shock to you, since you looked up to the kind and sincere Arihara.

However, you were told “You and I are similar” in a meaningful manner by Arihara. During the time you were made to go along with Arihara’s extreme sexual play, you were able to confirm that Arihara’s idiosyncrasies came as a backlash from the responsibilities of his position as the eldest son.

And Arihara noticed you, who stifled yourself to death because of your serious personality, and tried to draw out the natural you.

Arihara told you, “Bare yourself as you are in front of me”.

You lost to Arihara’s seduction and—

Thanks to an anonymous commissioner. I’m making myself a nice Nakawaza pile, huh. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites of his works still, even though it’s an old one. On JP DLsite.

Usual R18 warnings about language and content apply here! For other warnings, uh, I guess he’s very into humiliation play and he’s a sadist (spanking, toys, restraints, etc.).

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