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Kagai Jugyou Kagaku Koushi ~ Kyouyuuketsugou ~

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Aizawa Toshiki (相沢 俊樹)
CV: 佐和真中

Extracurricular Lesson: The Chemistry Lecturer ~ Covalent Bond ~

The heroine held unrequited feelings for the part-time lecturer, Aizawa, and was satisfied just looking at him. But still, wanting to be of help to him, she would always remain behind after lab lessons and secretly clean up the equipment.

One day, after a lab lesson, Aizawa found fault with the heroine who was cleaning up. And then—

The heroine became a toy who continued to accept Aizawa’s relentless sexual demands in the chemistry lab.

Even knowing that he didn’t feel a speck of love for her, she was still overjoyed to be touched by him, and felt happy at being able to share the same time with him. However, Aizawa himself was—

Thanks to an anonymous commissioner!! Looks like I’m spoiling you guys with works by Nakazawa Masatomo (also known as his pseudonym, Manaka Sawa), hehe. There’s going to be R18 language and content below the cut. Please note he’s a bit of a sadist, so a bit of caution for those who aren’t good with do-s types. On JP DLsite.

This is a good CD if you want to hear Sawa growls btw LOL (me, pounding pots and pans together: give Sawa more sadist roles and less wanko roles!).

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