Pink Kankin ~ Teki no Kagakusha Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Pink ~

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Dr. Yuri (ドクター・ユーリ)
CV: 彩和矢

Pink Confinement ~ The Pink Ranger Captured by the Enemy Executive Scientist ~

The super power Zenith Rangers fight to protect the peace from a secret organization that plots to conquer the world.

One of those members, you the lone woman in the group, fought day and night against monsters sent by the secret society as Zenith Pink. One day, you woke up in an unfamiliar research facility (lab), shackled on an operating table, and standing there was Dr. Yuri, an executive scientist and also one of the four leaders of the enemy organization.

“I’m free to kill you or let you live… but violating a woman like you might not be a bad idea either.” You were captured by the secret organization, which was trying to find the secret to defeat the Zenith Rangers. Dr. Yuri was the one to examine you. He looked down at you with cold eyes and said, “No matter how much noise you make, none of your companions will come to save you. They have their hands full battling the leaders of our organization. Without you, they can’t use their combination techniques either, so it’s easy to imagine the trouble they’re having.”

In this desperate situation where you can’t rely on your companions, Dr. Yuri’s hand began to touch your pink transformation suit… “Your body, your heart, I am going to expose everything starting from this moment. Resign yourself…”

Huge thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and another one of my favorites from Under Rain. Plus, Irodori Kazuya is just AMAZING here. I’m not kidding.

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Maou Kankin ~ Ore-sama Yuusha ni Torawareta Onna Maou ~

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Cecil (セシル)
CV: 三重奏

Demon Queen Confinement ~ The Demon Queen Captured by the Arrogant Hero ~

You led a demon army as the female demon lord, lost in the final battle with the hero, and was seized into the hero’s castle.

When you woke, you were chained in just your underwear and the outrageously arrogant hero tried to threaten you into a relationship by saying, “I’ve been interested in you from a long time ago. If you become my woman, then I’ll let your cute underlings live.”

You refused to succumb to the hero’s hand, saying “Kill me and let my subordinates go”, but he replied with “I love you, so rather than doing something as disturbed as killing you… let’s do something better, yeah?” and forcibly kissed you.

In order to save the lives of your subordinates who adored you, you gave your body to the hero, emptying your mind and not feeling anything. The hero was amused by your attitude, commenting “You belong to me already, so let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest”, and touched your body that had both hands restrained.

“I don’t have any intentions of letting you go at all,” the hero laughed loudly and did as he pleased.

When you tried to escape, you were discovered by the hero, who said “I’m going to make your body unable to leave mine”, and taught this to your body, which was intensely loved, testing out an incubus tool he bought from a dodgy black market merchant, and eventually you began to feel pleasure not only in your body but also in your heart.

Huge thank you to AquaBenten for this commission! I can’t get enough of Mie Kanade’s voice and this one is a great volume. R18 warning. You can grab this on JP DLsite or ENG DLsite.

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Yuusha Kankin ~ Inma ni Otosareta Onna Yuusha ~

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Ray (レイ)
CV: 彩和矢

Hero Confinement ~ The Heroine was Felled by an Incubus ~

“The reason I confined you? Naturally, it’s for us to lie together, Miss Hero.”

The person who appeared in front of you when you woke up in an unfamiliar mansion called himself “Ray”, the incubus who was the right hand of the demon lord.

His purpose was to obtain power after copulating with you, the hero, and when he was refused he began to touch you, stating “I shall draw out the real you.” In contrast to his teasing and obscene words, his comfortable touch brought out pleasure.

Drowning in pleasure, before you knew it, you even forgot your status as a hero and began to anticipate sleeping with Ray…

“You simply haven’t noticed this yourself, but you feel even more pleasure when you are tormented…”
“As a reward, I shall offer up what you desire.”

You can no longer escape from the incubus who has thorough knowledge of everything about you…

Thank you to AquaBenten for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. Gods, I love this doujin circle and recommend people check out their other works too. On another note, I decided to go with their anniversary image because the cover art is too much naked girl and I didn’t want to surprise anyone clicking into my site (“Ili, you say this as if a half-naked man is okay…” SHHH).

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