Kawashima Tokuyoshi

Shinigami to Shoujo ~ Toono Tooya ~

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Toono Tooya (遠野 十夜)
CV: Kawashima Tokuyoshi (川島 得愛)

(The opening menu changed after I finished Tooya’s route and I was just going to put it here, until I realized that it might count as a spoiler. Instead I decided to use this picture instead of using Tooya’s “Dear You” message because he looks hideous there, haha).

Tooya is a very devoted man. He always creates time to listen to Sayo and read her books as well as making her food. He gets jealous easily, but also is mature and rational enough to let her make her own choices and make her own friends even though he doesn’t get along with Ao at all. Tooya is very affectionate towards Sayo and it is easy to see that Sayo is his everything. He is a man of mystery though and when everything is revealed, the true depths of his love for Sayo is also revealed.

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