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Kyuuketsuki no Seiai ~ Route Tooru ~

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Tsudou Tooru (津藤 トオル)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

A Vampire’s Love ~ Route Tooru ~

A vampire and a human, being bound deeply across races…

“Right now, your stomach is filled with me, isn’t it…”

This is an age where vampires and humans coexist.

You, a human, spend happy days with your brusque but sweet, gentle, and loving lover, Tooru.

During a date one day, you weren’t able to stand by while Tooru was in discomfort and so you were about to end the date early when it suddenly rained. The two of you went to Tooru’s house, which was nearby, but for some reason he didn’t want to let you into his room.

The rain rapidly grew heavier and Tooru was gradually losing composure.

He embraced you when you were scared of the thunder and reached the limits of his reason, biting your neck and sucking your blood…

Thank you to Shinta for another commission! R18 warning. You can also grab this on DLsite.

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SEX DRIVE ~ Watashi no Yudan Naranai Kouhai – Nakamura Yousuke ~

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Nakamura Yousuke (中邑 陽介)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

SEX DRIVE ~ My Cunning Junior: Nakamura Yousuke ~


Japan in the year 20xx.

There was a strange disease of unknown causes that would occur rarely in adult women, called “Excess Pheromones”. Due to the fact that, when an episode occurred, the bodies of these women would seduce men without their volition, women who displayed symptoms of Excess Pheromones were coldly treated by society.

On the other hand, Chinoiserie, a company that was responsible for collecting information at underground events and honey traps, actively recruited women of this disposition and protected them. They were a special intelligence unit that specialized in sex-related missions.


You belonged to the special intelligence unit, Chinoiserie, putting to good use your constitution of Excess Pheromones. You were a veteran in the organization and seduction jobs were your specialty.

You were asked by the chief to become buddies with Nakamura Yousuke, who transferred from another department, and to drill the know-how’s of seduction missions into him as an instructor.

Even as he lamented, “I’m not suited for this!” “I’m bad with sex” and “This shouldn’t have happened…!”, Yousuke was especially interested in someone as sexual as you in the company. At first, you thought you would play around with him a little since he seemed like a virgin, but Yousuke appeared to have a suspicious secret…

Thank you to Shinta for the commission. R18 warning. There’s a novelization out there for this series too, but I believe it follows the contents of the CD.

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Hana no Yomeiri ~ Momozake-kitan Tengu-roku ~

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Gajiro (雅白)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

Marriage of the Flower Bride ~ Mysterious Stories of Peach Wine: Tengu Record ~

“So long as you are by my side, I shall make you however beautiful you wish to be.”

Due to the tradition of your village, you were to be married to the tengu, Gajiro.

Your energy was exhausted through the days your body was coveted in order to create a tengu child and you collapsed.

Finally understanding the differences between human and tengu, Gajiro began treating you gently and you slowly opened your heart to him, embracing these warm feelings. However, you were concerned about your family who remained in the village—

Thanks to Madame for another commission! R18 warning and some lactation in the tokuten. I love this series, by the way, and wholeheartedly recommend the other two. The last one is especially good if you enjoy Hades/Persephone vibes.

Note1: Tengus are supernatural creatures, sort of like spirits. They used to have a bad reputation but now they’re mostly seen as protectors of mountains and forests.

Note2: I scratched my head over the name. It should read more like “Marriage of the Flower” but the heroine is human. I believe they’re playing with the fact that the word for “bride (hanayome; 花嫁)” is literally “flower wife”.

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HoneyBunny situation.1

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Azumi Keito (安曇 計都)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

HoneyBunny situation.1

Keito and you are dating and have been lovers for half a year.

The two of you are stepsiblings who have had your relationship approved by both parents, but it hasn’t become physical yet because of a certain reason you have.

However, Keito has said he will wait until you seriously wish to go further—

Thank you to bp for the commission! R18 warning and I guess undertones of incest since they’re stepsiblings. But it’s fluffy PWP all around with teasing and sweet escalation. It’s also on JP DLsite.

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