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Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Winter: Taboo ~

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Tani Koushirou (谷 幸四郎)
CV: 黒瀬鷹

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

Around the time I was old enough to understand things around me, I was sent to Tokyo.

Ever since then it was my dream to be successful and return to my hometown in glory.

Winter, there was a woman there unchanged from the time we separated.

I opened the lock and now I can no longer go back.

Together with my beloved wife and older sister, I will obtain everything.

(Hands down the darkest of this series. Please please do not ignore the warnings I’ll be putting here because this one was messed up to the extreme. I love Koushirou though and this explains the mystery of the Tani household and its curse. WARNING: very dark themes, R18, child abuse, and mind break.) On JP DLsite.


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

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