Gifu no Kyokon de Ikasareta Watashi… Anata, Gomennasai, Mou Watashi wa O-Gifu-san no Mono nano

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Ryuuji (龍二)
CV: ??? (馬並ペガサス)

Shinji (伸二)
CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか 正之)

The heroine, who married a classmate in the same university, began her married life in her husband’s family house.

One day, the heroine is seen crying alone by her father-in-law, Ryuuji, over a secret she carried and couldn’t tell anyone. As she was comforted, she confessed everything to Ryuuji.

Ryuuji made every effort to resolve the heroine’s problem.

And the heroine began to be drawn to the reliable Ryuuji…

Much thanks for this anonymous commission. No cover art this time because it’s explicit and I’m also going to translate the title below, because I want to keep any R18 language or details under a cut so people aren’t taken by surprise LOL. The romaji title is… well, I’m just assuming people need to take some time to process that in Japanese ;). Interestingly enough, the Japanese DLsite doesn’t give a link to the English DLsite, but you can get this there too.

Ah, never change KZentertainment. This company gives light novel-esque titles to their CDs and it’s always so funny to read them out. Anyway, this is extreme R18 and please note it has themes like past child abuse, past incest, age difference, somewhat adultery, and a really BAD END with drugs and uhh prostitution.

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