Mechakucha Shitai

Mechakucha Shitai 2 ~ Yancha na Kare wa Hokenshitsu no Juunin ~

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Nishizono Harumi (西園 春海)
CV: テトラポット登

I Want to Mess You Up 2 ~ The Rascal is a Resident of the Infirmary ~

As the school nurse, you never know what to do with your frequenter student, Nishizono Harumi.

One day, while you were outside, you saw him in formal clothes.

Just when you wondered in surprise, “Why is he here?”, he grabbed your hand and brought you to a balcony where there were no eyes…!?

“Heh, isn’t this bad? You have a fiance, but you kissed a student. —That you didn’t refuse me means you’re complicit. I don’t care but… what’ll happen if everyone else finds out about this?”

This is a love story for adults about a romance with a rascal younger man.

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning.

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