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Mitsu Koi

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Asatsuki Kouta (浅月 浩太)
CV: 乃木悠星

Sweet Love

Humans, demons, and demi-humans coexist.

Differing from humans, they call the ones who humans would say were their spouses their mates.

These are stories about non-humans finding their mates.

The heroine’s childhood friend is a demon.

He’s able to make tentacles come from his body.

After his second puberty, he weakens if he doesn’t absorb bodily fluids from the opposite gender.

When he finds his mate, the taste of any bodily fluids apart from his mate is weak and cannot satisfy his appetite.

Thank you to an anonymous commissioner! You can get this drama here at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite here.

R18 content warning and tentacles clearly.

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