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SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 1.4 ~

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Chapter 1: Awakening

You were brought under the protection of the Toyotomi Army, where many individualistic commanders gathered; however, they weren’t humans but “vampires”.

Aiming to unify the country, they headed for a fight with the Oda Army but…

Chapter 1.4

[name]: (Just when I thought we were going to get away……!)

Hideyoshi-san and I were surrounded once again by Oda Army soldiers.

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SNB Oda ~ Chapter 0 ~

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Chapter 0: The Great Demon King of the Sixth Heaven

When you woke up, you found yourself in a world you had never seen before called Shinga.

The person who appeared in front of you suddenly asked “Are you Himemiko?”.

Who is that person…?

[name]: (………… ngh……? …… When did I faint……)

[name]: (Where is… this place……?)

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Diabolik Lovers Versus II ~ Carla vs. Shin ~

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Tsukinami Carla (月浪 カルラ)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之)

Tsukinami Shin (月浪 シン)
CV: Morikubo Shoutarou (森久保 祥太郎)

(Requested by Yellow Apple for this blog’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway. I wasn’t able to find any other interesting drama CD so I ended up coming back to your first request ;;; I’M SO SORRY FOR HOW LONG IT TOOK. Also, there’s some more background information about these guys and basically everything that is going on in Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate in these three CDs that were translated by Rin from Love-colored Sky).

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BWS: Bloody Nightmare ~ Arles V. Felnoir ~

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Arles V. Felnoir (アルル V. フェルノア)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之)

Arles is the older brother to Rath and the oldest in the whole game. He was the strongest knight in the country of Weblin and used to be known as the “Silver Wolf of Salvation” for ending a war; however, now he’s known as the Wolf King. He tends to have a curt and taciturn attitude but he does act gentlemanly around Fiona… most of the time. He’s even playful from time to time. BTW I’M UNHEALTHILY BIASED TOWARDS ARLES BECAUSE HE’S A WOLF ( 。>艸<). I LOVE WOLVES SDFSGHTG.

(If you right-click on the images and click “view image” you can view them in full size which is 1025 x 575).

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