〇〇shinaito Derarenai Heya

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Kurokawa Sougo (黒川 創吾)
CV: ながしま

Can’t Leave the Room Unless You xxx

The heroine awoke in an unfamiliar, barren, and lifeless room.

In the same room was Kurokawa Sougo, who lived next to the heroine. The two of them worked together and searched around their surroundings to get out of the room, but they only found a single note with disturbing text. What was written there was…

“This is a room where you can’t get out unless you’re pregnant. Until she’s pregnant, you cannot leave this room. From Aota.”

Sougo was indignant at the extremely unreasonable demand. However, in the process of exploring the room, they learned that they couldn’t escape this room no matter what they did.

Knowing that they couldn’t escape from this room apart from swallowing the criminal’s demand, they… decided to do the deed that would get her pregnant.

Thank you to Adachi Cabbage for the commission! R18 warning and yandere.

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Futago no Ouji-sama to Dekiai 3P

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Nero (ネロ)
CV: 鶴見鉄塔

Rene (ルネ)
CV: 鷹取レイジ

3P Doting with Twin Princes

The daughter of a fallen aristocrat, you visited a secondhand dealer to sell your mother’s heirloom pearl necklace for living expenses.

Not realizing he was a corrupt secondhand dealer, you were about to be bargained down to sell the pearl necklace at a low price when you were saved by a young man called Nero.

He said, “Attend the ball at the royal palace in seven days. Yes, the ball to select a princess consort for the crown prince. Wear that pearl necklace, and it doesn’t matter if the dress is dated. —Listen, you better come. It’s a promise.”

Seven days later, as promised, you attended the royal ball and there you reunited with Nero and learned that he was the crown prince of the Anvers Kingdom.

Beside Nero, there was a young man with the same face as Nero who called himself Rene—

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning.

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