Nante Suteki na Happy End

Nante Suteki na Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

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Satou Haruomi (佐藤 春臣)
CV: 久喜大

What a Wonderful Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

The heroine works hard diligently every day, despite working for a company that exploits its employees.

Today, she tried to leave the bed to go to work again but was stopped by her lover, Haruomi.

He whispered to her, as she tried to go out, “There’s no need to go outside, is there?” and pressed her down into the bed, refusing to let go.

His insistence was as if he was confining the heroine…

Thank you to Kylie for the commission! R18 warning. It starts off a bit unsettling, but everything is revealed sweetly (?) in the last track LOL.

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