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Femme Fatale ~ Fuyu no Inu ~

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Hidaka Suguru (日高 英)
CV: 湯町駆

Mihashi Kazumi (水橋 和己)
CV: 茶介

Femme Fatale ~ Hound of Winter ~

Sometimes I’m used as “security for a loan”.

It all started when his best friend, Mihashi Kazumi, questioned me for loitering in front of a high-interest loan firm.

My freelancing lithographer boyfriend, Hidaka Suguru, takes breaks from his part-time job whenever he’s immersed in his creative work. During this time, I have a contract that says Kazumi is free to do as he wishes with me in exchange for financial support. But this is just “wordplay” and in actuality it’s nothing more than doing housework. There wasn’t any “doing as he wished with me”.

However, that balance collapsed.

Cerberus, who was made in my image, seemed to be the hound of the underworld.
This dog, which Suguru drew, had three heads and stood on a frozen river.
And then it asked me, “What is your decision?”.

I was overjoyed to nestle close and obey that man.
I felt at ease with the words given to me by another man.
I think being needed is the reason for my existence.
Right now, which man needs me more?

Great big thank you to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and this involves 3P, bondage, and anal toys. I feel like I should say something more here, but I don’t really have anything to say LOL. Uh, I guess I was somewhat livetweeting this while I was translating it and had some thoughts only for the CD to laugh in my face at the end. You can also grab it on JP DLsite.

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