Otogi Koibana

Otogi Koibana ~ Aohige to Hanayome ~

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Elgar (エルガー)
CV: 久喜大

Fairy Love Tale ~ Bluebeard and His Bride ~

Once upon a time, in a land that produced exceptional tea, a splendid mansion and new lord arrived.

This lord, who ended and drove away the previous lord that only did horrible things, was adored by the majority of the people in the land.

However, this lord had a little secret.

His large and sturdy body, which could be seen from very far distances, was always covered in a deep hood; his face was the only thing that was never shown.

“It’s said the new lord’s beard is blue and he must surely be embarrassed and doesn’t want it to be shown.”
“Elegant and mysterious, this gentleman is vastly different from the previous lord.”

Rumors such as these were whispered throughout the land and today was another calm day where nothing would happen.

Except for a certain house…

And thus, this little secret became a secret between two people only.

Big thanks to Tuo-san for the commission! R18 warning and bestiality (if you thought knotting was HM you might not want to know what a lion has…). It’s also available on JP DLsite.

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Otogi Koibana ~ Ookami to Akazukin ~

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Wulf (ヴォルフ)
CV: 刺草ネトル

Fairy Love Tale ~ The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood ~

Once upon a time, deep in a forest somewhere, there was a strong and clever wolf.

One day, the wolf met a human girl. The girl wasn’t scared at all even when she saw the wolf.

The two played a lot together, but eventually the girl grew up and went to a girl’s school in town.

Even though they became separated, the wolf couldn’t forget about the girl.

“I wonder what that girl is doing right now?”
“I hope she’s not feeling lonely by herself.”
“I wanna see that girl again soon.”
The next day, and the following day after that, the wolf thought about the girl daily.

And then, that day finally came.

Shout out to Madame for the commission! Psst, this man is easily one of my favorite voice actors ever, so please check out the samples linked throughout the work. His voice just strikes me right in the lizard brain LOL. R18 content warning and uh, bestiality, and… knotting (HELLO WELCOME TO A/B/O, jkjk). On JP DLsite.

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