Pandemonium ~ Exorcist Tsudusa Kuon ~

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Tsuduki Kuon (都築 久遠)
CV: テトラポット登

Pandemonium ~ Exorcist Tsuduki Kuon ~

You returned to the town, Kousaka, which you had lived in for ten years until your high school years. However, right after this, you started to have terribly obscene dreams every night.

Your days were troubled by the vestiges of this raw pleasure even for a dream and, when you woke, your body was left with a strong fatigue.

During this time, you reunited with your highschool classmate, Tsuduki Kuon. Kuon, who became an exorcist, told you that the cause of your obscene dreams was because you were possessed by a devil.

To save your soul, which had already been deeply corroded into, there was no other choice than to be given pleasure greater than the devil by the exorcist Kuon—.

Thanks to Lux for the commission! R18 warning but this is a fluffy CD so not much to say here. Except, uh… maybe Bible references if that bothers anyone to see it mixed with smut?

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