Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Sensei ga Pantsu wo Kaeshitekuremasen ~

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Suou Yasutaka (須王 保高)
CV: 茶介

About-Face Boyfriends ~ My Teacher Won’t Return My Panties ~

Yasutaka is your homeroom teacher.

He’s also the student guidance and counselor of the entire senior year. Extremely strict, he doesn’t overlook any small infractions against the rules. He is also very strict about grammar and word usage due to being the Japanese teacher.

He always has a pointer stick in hand in the school, during classes, and during student guidance and counseling. A sadist at the core, his hobby is training women in his private time. In particular, he enjoys teaching innocent women to become depraved. However, the moment they’re completely trained, he loses all interest and love. Consequently, he’s never been in a relationship with a woman before.

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and sadism, spanking, lecturing/scolding humiliation, (bit of) watersports, and general PILVAMP warning? Haha. On another note, this is also available on the DLsite but only on the JP side I believe.

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Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Osananajimi ga xx wo Misetekuremasen ~

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Sakuragi Haruto (桜木 大翔)
CV: 魁皇楽

About-Face Boyfriends ~ My Childhood Friend Won’t Show Me xx ~

Haruto was your childhood friend. He was an aggressive delinquent with scary eyes. Despite being a wild delinquent, he was extremely handsome and so he was very popular. Catching girls one after another, as much as he likes, there were rumors about how he was a womanizing playboy. However, for some reason he was cold towards you, who he knew from childhood, and he clearly didn’t want anything to do with you. Unable to do anything about that, you began to date a handsome soccer club member but…

One day, you unusually went to school together with Haruto but he acted suspiciously when he learned about your handsome boyfriend waiting at the station and did something unexpected. You became indignant and barged into Haruto’s house—

Thank you to Summer for the commission! R18 warning and anal here, I guess? Um, he cries a lot and he’s a sweetie so I don’t think there’s anything else to watch out for, really, except maybe lewd dialogue? But, hey, it’s PILVAMP and y’all know what you’re getting into LOL. On JP DLsite.

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Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Bartender ga Nawa wo Hodoitekuremasen ~

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Yamada Satoru (山田 サトル)
CV: 柊三太

About-Face Boyfriends ~ The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope ~

He was the bartender of your favorite bar.

Popular among female customers with his gentle demeanor and sweet mask, he listened to your work troubles as one of his regulars and showed concern for you one way or another.

However, his real nature was that of an extreme sadist. He was disinterested in consensual sex and his relationships were limited to only one night. Even the person himself was aware of his brutish and arrogant personality.

Deciding that his target this time was you, he mixed drugs into your alcohol and brought you to be confined in his home.

From shaving pubic hair to the latest craze in piercings, after he mercilessly assaulted you he took pictures of you with his camera…

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! Every time I see this PIL-VAMP series I get so upset because it has gorgeous art and A+ seiyuu, but their contents are so extreme I’m always like “Please… I can’t follow you guys down this dark path” LOL. But, well, Immorality Prison did level me up with Yamanaka so maybe… I am going to grow accustomed… (is this a good or bad thing?).

EXCEPT JOKES ON ME NOW THAT I FINISHED TRANSLATING THIS. I… think I need to check out their other works because their samples tricked me into thinking it was just extreme PWP and I mean it still is? But I’m shook with that character development and the subtle changes in this one. WOW.

R18 content warning and this guy is an extreme sadist, genitalia piercings, humiliation, blackmail, etc etc. On JP DLsite.

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