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Sagihara Ryouta (鷺原 涼太)
CV: 乃木悠星


“I’m saying I love you… but you don’t believe me at all, huh…”

You entered university, chasing after a senior who you longed for during high school. Although it was great to be in the same club, you couldn’t get close and went through days of suffering…

Then, Sagihara Ryouta, a classmate who repeated a year of school and belonged in the same circle, showed his affection for you. You felt he was a little annoying because he was easygoing and you couldn’t see his true feelings, but you couldn’t respond harshly.

One day, you heard that your senior was in the darkroom, the base of club activities, despite the club being on break and so you headed there immediately only to witness a shocking scene.

“I warned you too. That you shouldn’t go there.”

The person who chased after you when you ran from the spot in shock and became drenched in the rain was—

“You… hate the rain, don’t you?”

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning.

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Nijuusou ~ Twins Love ~

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Pikupikun (ピクピクン)
CV: えろ漫画家ピクピクン先生☆

Eucalyptus (ユーカリ)
CV: 久喜大

Instrumental Duo ~ Twins Love ~

“Pikupikun” and his childhood friend who was like a brother, “Eucalyptus”, were engaged in band activities together while running an agriculture and livestock industry in their home town. One day, when you attended their live, you were crushed by the excited audience.

Pikupikun and Eucalyptus hurriedly jumped into the crowd to rescue you. Although you were unconscious, it was nothing serious and they were relieved. Then, the two of them felt their hearts flutter at your appearance as you lay in their dressing room.

Time passed and then you, their fan, appeared in front of them again at the “Livestock Farming Experience” event, planned by the local youth group. “Yep, just as we thought, that’s the girl who collapsed!” The two of them made a gentleman’s agreement not to approach you without each other’s consent.

However, two days later, unable to overcome the temptation, Eucalyptus confessed to you while laying on the hay and made love to you there. You were told not to talk about this but, on the last day of the event, Pikupikun discovered Eucalyptus’ mark on your neck.

At night, with anger and jealousy, Pikupikun visited your bedroom and confessed.

Then, unable to endure anymore, Pikupikun forcibly kissed you and eventually put another mark on your neck, in the same way as Eucalyptus.

Although you were their fan, you were confused because you had a relationship with the both of them. Later, the two of them brought a proposal to you…

Thank you to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and 3P and mentions of bestiality (really tiny section).

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Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi 1500 DL ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! This is the 1500 DL reward and another R18 warning again.

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Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi 1000 DL ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! This is the 1000 DL reward with a big R18 warning this time.

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Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi 500 DL ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! This is the 500 DL reward. It doesn’t go into super detail, but I will leave a R18 warning here, just in case.

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Seto Yuuma (瀬戸 佑真)
CV: 彩和矢


In a neighboring town, you discovered a cafe with a nice atmosphere. A gentle-mannered man called out “Welcome” from behind the counter; he was the manager and owner, Yuuma. Captivated by the deliciousness of the coffee he brewed, you earnestly requested to work at the cafe.

Yuuma kindly guided you through learning to be a barista and, by the time you realized it, you were in love with him. He was gentle to everyone but for some reason he had an atmosphere that drew a line which would not let anyone step deeper into. You were concerned about the occasional distress he showed.

One day after work, when you reached home, you realized you forgot your key and returned to the cafe after it closed only to find Yuuma in pain. “Don’t come close!” He spoke to you in a sharp voice you had never heard but, when you couldn’t leave and supported him as he staggered, he was clearly different from usual…

Thank you to mariezli for this last commission. It has been a marathon of works, haha. R18 warning.

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Fukinshin Residence ~ Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Midara na Kankei ~

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Kusanagi Touma (草薙 冬馬)
CV: 深川緑

Indiscreet Residence ~ An Improper Relationship with the Handsome Instructor Living Next Door ~

In an unexpected turn of events, the heroine who was worried about life because her job hunting was not going well ended up helping to manage a residence that her uncle owned.

On the first day of her debut as the caretaker, she went around the rooms in turn to greet the residents and there she met Kusanagi Touma, who lived next door to her, and they both liked each other.

Pure but indiscreet… approached intensely by the gentle yet forceful him, her body and heart became honest to pleasure…

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning. Overall, it’s a sweet and happy ending but he was pretty forceful at the beginning, so just a heads up.

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Zecchou Kareshi ~ Ippai Aisareru Shuumatsu no Dousei Ecchi ~

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Nakamori Mamoru (中森 衛)
CV: 三橋渡

Peak Tongue Boyfriend ~ Weekend Cohabitation Sex with Lots of Love ~

You arrived home first, made dinner, and waited for him. When Mamoru returned, he was greeted with the usual tight hug.

Because you received the message, “Sorry, I’m really horny today (lol)”, during the day, you told him that your menstruation was over.

You soothed Mamoru, who pressed for sex before dinner… This is just one page of a weekend of a cohabitation couple with lots of love.

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning.

Note1: There is a pun in the name. The kanji reads as “long tongue” but the word “zecchou” means like the peak or zenith of something, and it also carries another meaning of reaching orgasm. So, it’s not only saying these men have long tongues but they’re also the best of best boyfriends LOL.

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Kienai Omoi ~ Thoughts for You ~

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NAME: Kinomiya Naoto (来宮 直人)
CV: 新堂大輔

Ineffaceable Emotions ~ Thoughts for You~

When the heroine returned home from work, she came upon the scene of her boyfriend cheating… She jumped out and kept running without looking back…

By the time she noticed, she was downtown and there she reunited with Kinomiya Naoto, who had transformed more beautifully than in the past when they knew each other as students.

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning. This is an interesting work and I think they dealt with this theme of love transcending gender respectfully.

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Tsundere na Kouhai ga Hatsujou-ki ni Hairimashita ~ Nou ga Torokeru Noukou Ecchi ~

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Yorumiya Shiki (夜宮 色)
CV: 一条ひらめ

My Tsundere Junior Entered Heat ~ Passionate Sex That Enraptures the Brain ~

“No… I won’t let you go home today…” “I held back desperately… so this is your fault, senior… ngh…”

One day, out of worry, you went to visit your junior who left the company early.

But, in reality, it wasn’t just poor health…!?

Be loved to the depths of your stomach by a werewolf with messy bareback sex!


This is where a small number of “werewolves”, people who have both the genes of a human and wolf, exist normally.

Werewolves, descended from wolves, have an estrus period, but they suppress their estrus with “medicine” in order to live in the human world.

Because they are the same as humans apart from having ears and a tail, many people do not know about the existence of their estrus.

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning.

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Kouketsu na Hime-kishi wa Kairaku ni Kanraku suru ~ Hitomae Sex de Dorei Orgasm ~

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Arma (アルマ)
CV: 一条ひらめ

The Virtuous Knight-Princess Surrenders to Pleasure ~ Slave Orgasms in Public ~

“The virtuous and pitiable knight-princess of that time is no longer anywhere to be found…”

A captive princess.

Loved by a terrible person, the pure princess is dyed black.

A pure white and beautiful princess becomes colored by a dark love.

—Did you ever have such dreams when you were small?

This is the story of a princess who becomes entangled with that sort of villain.

—Welcome to a sweet and depraved world.

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning and aphrodisiac, exhibitionism, crude words, stomach distension, dark yandere themes.

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Sagara-ke no Otoko-tachi ~ Sannan – Sora no Baai ~

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Sagara Sora (相良 空)
CV: 麻生修也

The Men of the Sagara Family ~ Third Son – Sora’s Case ~

A man who is honest, sociable, and at the age of wanting to grow up a little. This is the third son of the Sagara Family—Sora.

He was always at your mercy but, suddenly, he turned the tables.

Getting moves put on you by someone who’s good at taking advantages… you only find yourself being thrown out of order!?

This is a sweet special time after you two started dating. Shall we—do some naughty studying together?

Many thanks to mariezli for the commission (and the marathon we’ll be doing)! R18 warning.

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Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku ~ Wasureteshimatta Kare ~

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PRESENT: Hyoubu Akito (兵部 明斗)
PAST: Bandou Keijirou (阪堂 蛍次朗)
CV: 春男児

A Revolving Love is Like a Lotus ~ He Who Forgot ~

Let us go around and around, until the day we love (meet) again…

The one you met when you were reborn was the beloved of your “previous life”…
This is a love story about two sets of memories—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m back with one of my favorite series ever! Fingers are itching to go ahead and do volume 2 too just to have a full collection, haha.

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Forelsket ni Oboretara

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Hayama Fumito (羽山 史人)
SNS Nickname: Miyabi (雅)
CV: 三橋様

After Becoming Infatuated In Forelsket

Calling yourself Honey-ko on social media, you had the hobby of buying and reviewing popular sweets, convenience store sweets, and other such things.

It was a small community, but you became friends with a person there.

It was an account that called itself “Miyabi” and its icon was of a cute female character.

Miyabi also reviewed sweets like you.

One day, Miyabi asked “I was invited to an advance experimental session of a sweets buffet, but would you like to go together with me?”.

You were a little uneasy, but you replied with an OK and to meet them on the day.

On the day of the meeting, the person who came to the meeting place was a man who looked exactly like the character “Miyabi-kun” who you used to like in the past!?

Thank you to Adachi Cabbage for this commission! R18 warning and yandere, dark themes. One of my favorites.

Note1: Forelsket is a Danish and Norwegian word meaning “in love, enamored” and basically the euphoria one gets when they fall in love. It’s interesting to see it combined with the Japanese verb for indulging and losing your head in something.

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Usagi no Damin wa Kame no Gochisou

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Turtle (亀)
CV: 晴森ユーヤ

The Rabbit’s Slumber is the Turtle’s Feast

“Miss… if you take a nap there… I’ll do something naughty, you know?… First, I’ll try pressing against this cute mouth. Come on… don’t bite… open up…”

“Ahaha… your ears are red… Like this, these lovely ears… will be licked too while I move, OK?”

“I’ve noticed something. Compared to when you’re asleep… when you’re awake, your hole is extremely tight… I knew it, Miss, you don’t hate this, right?… It’s just the second time, but you’ve already accepted it so quickly…”

Thank you to Adachi Cabbage for another commission (we’re marathoning these)! R18 warning and somnophilia.

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