Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Yaehara Daria ~

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Yaehara Daria (八重原 ダリア)
CV: Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀 みつき)

It is obviously quite difficult to be no longer loved when we are still in love, but it is incomparably more painful to be loved when we ourselves no longer love.

Daria is the only woman in the date club and she’s also part of the drama club at the same time. She is extremely talented in acting and is also an excellent fencer. She’s popular among girls because of her prince-like personality. But what is her true personality?

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Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Kano Aoi ~

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Kano Aoi (鹿野 葵)
CV: Terashima Takuma (寺島 拓篤)

Hatred which is entirely conquered by love passes into love, and love on that account is greater than if it had not been preceded by hatred.

Aoi is the leader of the date club, a womanizer, and the older of the Kano brothers. He loves to do naughty things and he’s confident to the point of being arrogant and clearly regards himself as a gift to women. He has the hobby of giving people insulting nicknames, like calling Nazuna a piglet. His love is the dangerous escalating type and he’s called the yandere prince.

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Gekka Ryouran Romance ~ Kaneda Wabisuke ~

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Kaneda Wabisuke (兼田 侘助)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Our envy always lasts much longer than the happiness of those we envy.

(Oh look! It’s another crazy brotherly character (^∀^;)! I apologize for the huge wall of text too, but at least half of it is the common route so the posts after this will be considerably shorter. Keywords are “dessert” and “blackout” to find them).

Wabisuke is Nazuna’s older brother and a cheerful type of person. He’s popular with everyone because of his fresh personality and how kind he is. It’s obvious that he holds great affection for his sister and would do anything for her. He tends to be rather overprotective though, especially when it concerns Nazuna and people like Aoi who flirt with her.

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