Saitou Souma

Dear Vocalist ~ Judah ~

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Judah (ジュダ)
CV: Saitou Souma (斉藤 壮馬)

(Um, this guy doesn’t have a great personality either… LOL I PROMISE THEY GET BETTER. MY HUSBAND IS UP NEXT SO!! But, to be honest, Judah is a good boy; he just likes to act strong and bluff. He loves his girlfriend even though, at the same time, he’s conscious of the awful personality he has. Also, please look forward to his second season CD because “I Can’t Say Goodbye” is his love song and it’s so good).

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

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