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SNB Date ~ Chapter 0 ~

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Chapter 0: The Moment Fate Awakens

When you woke up, you found yourself in a world completely different from the modern era called Shinga.

In the moment you were suspected as an enemy and about to be killed, the one who ordered taking you back to the castle, called the worst move, was “Date Masamune”.

In the dark woods, two men surveyed the castle below them.

[???]: “Weapons and provisions are being carried out from the castle one after another…… As we thought, they intend to have a large battle soon.”

[???]: “Looks like it. Once they open the castle during battle, it’ll be the perfect chance for a surprise attack.”

[???]: “Aa…… Alright, getting this information should be more than enough. Let’s return to the castle, Shigezane.”

[DATE SHIGEZANE]: “If we get found by the enemy, there’ll be no meaning to our scouting, huh. Roger that–…… wait, huh? Hey, Kojuurou, where’d Masamune go?”

[KATAKURA KOJUUROU]: “Hm?…… He was just here a second ago–“

[name]: (Ngh…………? Huh, where is… this place……?)

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