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SNB Toyotomi ~ 2019 New Year ~

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Toyotomi Army ☆ The New Year’s Soup War

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Alrighty, everyone’s gathered, right? Now then, let’s start making the zouni right away.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Yeah! First, we gotta choose the ingredients, huh!”

[HANBEE]: “We really can’t miss putting in square mochi.”

[MITSUNARI]: “No, the only option here is round mochi.”

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SNB Hanbee ~ Login Letter ~

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You always seem to be handling huge problems, but when you’re happy, I’m happy too. When you’re having fun, I’m having fun too.


Thank you for always being with me♪

I still have lots of things to tell you that I can’t write it all in a letter.

So, let’s talk a lot together later♪

– Takenaka Hanbee

SNB Toyotomi ~ White Day ~

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“Thanks for the chocolate. I need to reward you for putting in this much effort to show your feelings, huh.
Hey, want to try doing something together– that’s sweeter than chocolate?”

Starting White Day messages off with a bang from the Toyotomi Army!

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SNB Hanbee ~ Awakening ~

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After a battle, we returned to the castle. As everything was being put in order, I suddenly noticed something.

[YUZUKI]: (…… Huh, Hanbee-kun isn’t here. Where did he…… ah.)

[YUZUKI]: (…… He seems to be acting a bit strange…… I’ll try calling out to him.)

[YUZUKI]: “–Hanbee-kun!”

[HANBEE]: “…… What’s the matter, do you need anything from me?”

[YUZUKI]: “Need anything, you say…… You look a bit off, so I felt uneasy……”

[HANBEE]: “…… Could it be that you came after me out of worry?”

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