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SNB Hideyoshi ~ 4* Still More From Here ~

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With Whispered Words

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Hideyoshi’s second card takes place after episode 12, the last episode, of the anime).

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Haa. Somehow, everything feels like it went by in a flash.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Right now, if it’s us, we’ll be okay no matter who our enemies are! There’s friends we can trust deeply!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Above all, I also have a cute fiancée! I can’t lose!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I’m really glad to have met you–…… I love you.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Hm? I didn’t say anything. Aiming for the unification of the country, there’s still more battles for us to come–. C’mon, let’s go together!”

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SNB Hideyoshi ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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Happy New Year! I wonder what kinda year this year will beee. For the Toyotomi Army, it’s definitely to work hard and aim for unifying the country but…… I personally have one more resolution. I’m thinking of having Toukichi learn more tricks. Do you know why? –You see, it’s because you smile when you’re shown Toukichi’s tricks. I want to continue seeing that smile this year too by your side.

SNB Hideyoshi ~ 2018 New Year ~

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This year’s New Year’s Eve will be extravagant! Grand! Let’s all get excited!! Ah, that’s right, I just thought of something good–…… eh, what, what? If I go overboard then Mitsunari will be troubled? Don’t worry! Our Mitsunari will be able to do something ’bout it! Or are you trying to say that you don’t want to be with “everyone” but with “me”? If it’s my beloved bride’s request, then I’ll fulfill it with everything that I have~. –I won’t let you go next year either…… kiiiidding.

SNB Hideyoshi ~ 3* Anything ~

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Did You See It?

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Hideyoshi’s card takes place after episode 1 of the anime).

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Hey, did you see my cool side?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Huh? So many things happened all of a sudden that you aren’t sure and you’re worried about the future, you say?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Don’t worry! Because I told you before, right?…… That I want you to be my bride. Because your future husband has said that it’ll be okay, there’s no doubt!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I’m sure many things will happen from here on, but I’ll always think of you. If I’m with you, I feel like I can overcome anything.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Now, let’s go together!”

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SNB Hideyoshi ~ Awakening ~

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At the end of a day, when I looked up at the night sky while relaxing in my room, there was a beautiful full moon.

[YUZUKI]: “What a gorgeous moon……”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Are you still awake? Can I come inside?”

[YUZUKI]: “Hideyoshi-san? Of course, the door is open.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Good evening, the moon tonight is pretty, isn’t it.”

[YUZUKI]: “Hm? Ah, yes, it is…… um, did something happen this late at night?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Well.”

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SNB Hideyoshi ~ Interactions ~

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I’ve tested these potions out extensively and am pretty confident in claiming that there’s 40 unique scenes per character, as of now (whether they will increase this in the future is unknown). I will be doing a master list like this for the other characters but update them as I go :’) Hideyoshi is special in being the test subject to collect all variations and have them all translated.

3 Bronze Potions
20 Silver Potions
12 Gold Potions
5 Royal Potions

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